How To Do UBA Visa Card Verification

UBA Visa bank senegal

In order to perform a UBA Visa card verification, you must do it with the issuing bank or branch of your card, and or use the free tools online. This is the only you can confirm whether the card is legitimate and original other than being fake. UBA bank also has customer care numbers which one can call and get the required help depending on the type of issue.

United Bank of Africa is one of the leading banks when it comes to issuing instant VISA  and MasterCard ATM Cards to clients living in any of their supported list of countries. As a UBA customer, what I know is that the cards are issued to persons who have accounts with the same bank.

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Verify and Validate Visa online

Verify and validate VISA
  • Visit any of the validation sites e.g, and etc.
  • Type your VISA card numbers in the box given
  • Click Validate and wait for results.

UBA card services

  • Card-to-card funds transfer
  • PayPal account verification
  • Online purchases
  • POS transactions
  • Goods and services payment
  • PIN reset / change
  • ATM Cash withdrawals, etc

As a customer, you can enjoy lots of UBA card services once you have one in your hands.  Many of the services listed above are free of charge while others attract a fee depending on the transaction type and amount of funds associated with the transaction.

How to get a UBA Visa Card?

In order to get a UBA Visa card, you need to visit any of the bank branches e.g William street, Kabalagala, etc in Uganda, and open up a prepaid or savings or any other supported account. You will then apply for a card (if you didn’t choose the prepaid account) and it will be issued to you within a few hours on the same day or the next.

Getting a UBA Visa or MasterCard required one to have an active account which requires a small deposit of funds onto your issued account. Once your funds are deposited, your card should start working and you will be able to use it once you have activated it.

Also, your online account will be created and account login details provided including username and password to use when accessing your account online. Besides, the account opening fees, there are no other fees associated apart from the known bank charges and transaction fees.

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UBA Senegal and the ongoing scam.

Senegal is one of the countries where the United Bank of Africa operates. UBA being known for offering instant VISA and MasterCard, scammers are currently targeting many people from the different countries purporting to be staff of UBA.

The ongoing scam has led many people to lose a few dollars in the name of ATM VISA verification. Scammers send “ATM Cards” and ask recipients to send money via western union in order to mail them PIN’s so as to use the cards.

If you have not yet fallen victim, I advise you to inquire with any nearest UBA bank branch and verify whether the ATM you received was issued by them or not. Otherwise, you may fall victim and your money will be taken for nothing.

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