How to Enter Fastboot Mode on All Android Devices

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Enter Fastboot Mode on All Android

This is a full tutorial on how to enter fastboot mode on all Android devices easily. No matter whether your android is MTK or SPD chipset, using this procedure will help you help you learn how you can do this by yourself and thus allowing you perform all necessary actions you may need to for example, removing factory reset protection on SPD devices.

Android OS devices are very popular and commonly used by many people. Fact is that many people migrated to such devices from feature phones which had dominated the mobile world some years back. Android phones are well known for their ease of use in addition to multitasking. One enjoy maximum use of his / her mobile including access to the internet, chatting on social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Imo, YouTube and etc.

Like I shared above, this guide takes you through the entire process of entering fastboot, an option which gives you access to so much including unlocking bootloader, FRP removal, and etc. While the process of entering fastboot is an easy one, fact is that not all of us know its how its DIY. Lets take a look at the real how it works regardless of the chipset you are using eg SPD, MediaTek, Qualcoom and others.

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How to enter fastboot on all android devices

  • Power off your mobile.
  • Enter Recovery menu  using volume, power and menu keys (varies per device)
  • Select Fastboot or Bootloader

That is all. You will have successfully entered fast boot mode upon confirming action on your device.

Please note that you will need to have downloaded and installed Android ADB drivers on your computer in order to use this mode for whatsoever your reason may be. Also you will need to download and use a supporting tool since without it, your phone will not be detected on the computer.

How to Enter Fastboot Mode on All Android Devices

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