How To Make ReUsable Charcoal Using Banana Peels

How To Make Re-Usable Charcoal Using Banana Peels Both Banana’s and Charcoal are known to serve different purposes to humans for example Banana’s are classified in the foods category while Charcoal is a useful when it comes to cooking food. Banana’s are peeled where by in many cases, the peels are thrown away yet they can serve some additional function when used the way they are supposed to be.

A few people may be knowing the procedures one goes through to make the peels useful for example turning them into reusable charcoal which when used can help towards saving our beloved environment and nature at large. The common and most popular charcoal is got from fresh cut trees which they burn and at the end of the day making it. This kind of char-coal is used mainly by those people who live in urban areas in many countries including Africa and others.

In this Tutorial, I am sharing with you how you can make your own charcoal (home made and handy) and cut on the expenditure while at the same time helping the world fight environmental related problems since this is known to reduce on the number of trees being exploited on an everyday basis in a bid to get Char-coal. Requirements include the following; Banana peels, charcoal remains (the dust which remains after removing all the harder ones), Sun light, Water and Fire. And once you have all of the above, follow the following below and get your charcoal fresh and free without any environment destruction.

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1. Dry your banana peelings to point. It may take some days depending on how hotter the sun is.
2. Get the burned peels and add them with the charcoal remains.
3. Add them into water and mix to point.
4. Now make the small stone like sized particles and put them in under the sun. The process can take some days depending on the sun.

Once the particles are well dried, you can use them as your charcoal as many times as you want until they are destroyed.

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