How to Obtain An Electrician License Online in Uganda

ERA Electrical Installation Permit UgandaThe mode of installing electricity for various uses requires numerous other accomplishments besides real training. While the entire process may look mysterious, fact is that following the right procedures can help you take it on and turn everything very simple and easy.

Besides some basic requirements for electrical installations, those who are qualified to the kind of work. This electrical license obtaining guide is dedicated to professionals who design, install, inspect or maintain low to medium-voltage electricity installations depending on the class one is on.

Obtaining your electrician license online requires one to must have obtained the necessary qualifications for example having obtained a University Graduates degree, Higher Technician’s Diploma, Ordinary Technician’s Diploma, Master Craftsman’s Certificate, Craftsman’s Certificate Grade One and etc..

Electrical installation permit and licenses are also categorized into classes for eligibility i.e, Class B for plants and other high voltage of 132 kV, class C for multi – storied flats, commercial buildings, bungalows, mansions of complex design,  light plants up to a level of 415 V, class D for Installation of any residential premises of 1 – 5 bedrooms and repairs on equipment of up to 240 V while class Z for electrical installation systems designs, installations in specialized fields like switchgear, centralized heating, refrigeration, generator sets, solar systems and etc.

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Whether you are a journeyman, industrial, apprentice, wv and etc wireman, fact is that the installation courses you took or studied for example wiring colors in addition to the expertise will help you decide on what you are best at and the type of license or permit you will get.

Procedures to obtain an electrician license online in Uganda

  • Begin by paying the application fees of 20,000 UGX
  • After, visit ERA website, fill in all requirements and submit.
  • Era will get back to you upon reviewing of your submitted documents.

From there, you will be able to pay corresponding permit fees depending on the class for example, Class A 140.000/=, Class B 105.000/=, Class C 70.000/=, Class D 35.000/= while Class Z 100.000/=. In cases of registered companies and/or organisations, a 695.000/= fees apply. Once everything is done, you should be issued with your License / permit. For other countries.


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