How To Receive Amazon [Affiliate/Sellers] Direct Bank Wire Transfer Payments From Any Country

Wondering how to receive your Amazon affiliate commission or seller payments through direct bank wire transfer regardless of where you are – I mean your country? Have you ever thought that such a thing is very possible and one which anyone out there can do instantly?

The answer to the above Amazon question is YES. Anyone reading this can be able to do so for as long as you read the entire post and do what is recommended or suggested just in case you had not known yet the option to doing so.

Amazon is a worldwide market place where sellers can list whatever they are selling in the different categories including Kindle, Books, Computers, Jewellery, Video, Audio and many others while at the same time, its where affiliates can promote the different products and earn some good money inform of commission.

The money made either through selling or promoting is given to the one involved inform of a payment which can either be an gift card, a check (cheque) or through Bank-wire-transfer.

The gift cards are given through email form while the checks are mailed and for the Bank-Transfers, one should have a bank account which is located in a supported country and usually in the United States.

What does it mean? In short, affiliates or sellers from outside the US either have to chose a check or gift card option and which doesn’t allow one access to his or her funds instantly besides taking long for one to reach the minimum payment threshold.

If you are an affiliate or seller reading this post, consider yourself very lucky regardless of which ever country you may be from – I mean a country which is not the US since this post will help you discover how you can withdraw your money to a bank account and enjoy it on the same payment day.

Below are the steps you need to follow.

1. Get a Free US Bank account just like its explained as linked.

2. Log into and go to payment settings.

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3. Complete all steps needed and enter your free US Bank Account details including the Bank account number, the provider name and others.

Save settings and wait for payment time. Your payment will instantly be credited to your account and you will enjoy your money the same day its been sent.

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