How To Renew Your Driving Permit/Drivers License In Uganda

How To Renew Your Driving Permit/Drivers License In Uganda Renewing a Driving Permit in Uganda with URA is a requirement just like traveling passports have to be renewed when they expire, and involves downloading the manual DP renew forms or getting them from the nearest URA Office. When your driving permit does expire in Uganda, you are given a period of between 1-5 years within which you should either renew it or have it suspended for life and since one can’t drive without a drivers license as per the traffic laws, then it is an automatic option for making sure that ones permit is up to date.

The Uganda road and safety act states it well that at no time should a person drive a vehicle without a valid driving license and if caught, one is liable to a punishment of jail and or paying a penalty of any sum of the money as may be directed from time to time and or face both of the charges.

There are situations in life whereby people find themselves caught up there by being prompted to do certain things including driving even when one knows it well that his or her restrictions are limited for example in cases when the permit, which is an official document which gives anyone permission to use the roads while driving has expired but because the situation forces the one involved to do so, one ends up going on the road, something which might cause some additional problems for example when an accident does occur and those involved are required to produce valid driving license.

In order to avoid any possible charges including the damages which might be involved during those times which may come unexpectedly, this Hub will help you to learn and know all the steps which are involved when it comes to renewing your drivers license in Uganda without the need to involve any third parties or agents just like it is known that many people take such opportunities to even corn others of large sums of money yet the whole process is very easy and quick to do. Check out Driving Permit sample here.

1. Visit the Uganda Revenue Authority website and scroll down and click on payment registration. On the form which comes up, choose NTR and continue.

2. Under tax head, scroll down and choose renewal driving permit 1 year or 3 years depending on what you need and how much money you have. Continue by filling in all the options marked with a redstart and make sure that you fill the correct details.

3. Under the bank details, fill into your desired preferences, for example, cash or cheque on payment mode and fill in all the rest. Enter text image as shown on the form below and click on accept and register. On the next page which comes, click on print below and have your forms printed out.

Once you have your printed forms, you should head to the bank you selected while filling the online forms and enact your payment after which you will be given a receipt to take to kyambogo together with the medical form and your expired permit attached. Finding difficulty and need quick help, call or WhatsApp me on 0752009001.

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