How To Renew Your Drivers License In Uganda

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How To Renew Your Driving Permit/Drivers License In Uganda

Renewing a driver’s Licence in Uganda with URA is a requirement just like traveling passports have to be renewed when they expire and involves downloading the manual DP renew forms or getting them from the nearest URA Office. When your driving permit does expire in Uganda, you are given a period of between 1-5 years within which you should either renew it or have it suspended for life and since one can’t drive without a drivers license as per the traffic laws, then it is an automatic option for making sure that ones permit is up to date.

The Uganda road and safety act state it well that at no time should a person drive a vehicle without a valid driving license and if caught, one is liable to a punishment of jail and or paying a penalty of any sum of the money as may be directed from time to time and or face both of the charges.

There are situations in life whereby people find themselves caught up there by being prompted to do certain things including driving even when one knows it well that his or her restrictions are limited for example in cases when the permit, which is an official document which gives anyone permission to use the roads while driving has expired but because the situation forces the one involved to do so, one ends up going on the road, something which might cause some additional problems for example when an accident does occur and those involved are required to produce valid driving license.

In order to avoid any possible charges including the damages which might be involved during those times which may come unexpectedly, this Hub will help you to learn and know all the steps which are involved when it comes to renewing your drivers license in Uganda without the need to involve any third parties or agents just like it is known that many people take such opportunities to even corn others of large sums of money yet the whole process is very easy and quick to do. Check out Driving Permit sample here.

1. Visit the Uganda Revenue Authority website and scroll down and click on payment registration. On the form which comes up, choose NTR and continue.

2. Under tax head, scroll down and choose renewal drivers licence 1 year, 3 years or 5 years depending on what you need and how much money you have. Continue by filling in all the options marked with a redstart and make sure that you fill in the correct details.

3. Under the bank details, fill in your desired preferences, for example, cash or cheque on payment mode, and fill in all the rest. Enter text image as shown on the form below and click on accept and register. On the next page which comes, click on print below and have your forms printed out.

Once you have your printed forms, you should head to the bank you selected while filling the online forms and enact your payment after which you will be given a receipt to take to Uganda security printing company (USPC) together with the medical form, copy of your national ID or NIN number and your expired permit attached. Finding difficulty and need quick help, call or WhatsApp me on 0752009001.

How To Renew Your Drivers License In Uganda

97 thoughts on “How To Renew Your Drivers License In Uganda

  1. Mr. Adam am bonney kaggwa my permit now is invalid but am still sick .I got an accident a want to renewal it on line wat can I do?an how much?it is end ed up in much 9th 2018. Contact me on watsap 0701933587.

  2. hello,am abroad whether its possible to renew my driving permit since am abroad and i can come to face technology to renew it personally,

  3. Hi Adams,

    I am currently out of Uganda and I want to renew my driving permit which expired at the end of last year. Is it possible to apply while away and find it when I come in one month???

  4. hello, Mr.Adams. my permit was burnt in a house and it is expiring on 23rd -03-2017. but I need to access it back and the same time renewing.I it possible?

  5. Hi,

    My uganda driving licence is expire in 2012 and i want to renew.i have india valid licence and am coming kasese uganda for two days it is possible to renew my licence in kasese .

      1. Hi Adam,

        Actually my License got expired on 12/05/2016 wanted to renew it , But am not available in the country .
        Can it be possible online, My friend is there if anything required or i can send you all the document online and the fees by my friend in Uganda

        1. Sorry that you are out of the country yet your URA driving permit is expired. Please access the contact us page, pick the Whatsapp number and talk to me personally so we can talk about how you might be helped and when you should worry most.

  6. Hello, i lost my permit class A. it expired in june 2015, Is it possible to replace and atthe same tine renew it? thankyou

  7. Hello Adam, my permit is currently expired. It’s now spent 1 year & 3 months in expiry. Can it still get renewed, or i’ll have to start afresh? What is the maximum period a permit can take in it’s expired state and still get renewal??

    1. Like we all know, the earlier the better. Yes, if you could recall, it were 5 years which were reduced to 2 years. Since you can’t tell what government is gonna do next, I would recommend that you renew your Ugandan drivers licence right away without waiting for “Ninda kigweyo, anti oja kufumita mukira”. Dot it now to avoid your permit cancellation. You can give me a call on 0752009001 and I see a way to help you out with Instant and express renew within just a few hours..

  8. Am always busy at work and my permit just expired on 18th of this month.. I want to renew it for only one year. How much will it cost me in total and how long will it take to be completed.

  9. Hey my permit expires in a couple of days, what is the process of renewal and the rate for 3 years renewal and possible the duration and I am allowed to drive around ..

    1. Could you please give me a call on +256752009001 and I help you more. Yes, that will help with regard to the URA Driving permit renewal information you are looking for..

  10. whats app mr adams can you please highlight me on how much to pay for class extension and can i extend my permit before expiring like mine have 3yr but not expired

    1. It would be better if you call me up on 0752009001 and I see a way I can help you out. Just in case, I will help you throughout the process which is same day.

  11. Hi Adams thanx alot for the insightful info. My permit is lost but it also expired 3 months ago( 19/09/16. Do i need to go thru process of replacement before I can renew it.
    Thanx alot.

  12. What is the cost of renewining a driving permit of 4 classes in Y ganda today?
    I do not know its cost because I last renewd it three years ago

  13. I would like to add another name to the names on my permit.I plan to renew it and do this at the same time.My permit expired last week.Advise on how I can go about adding another name to the ones already on the permit.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Adam,i received my permit on 13/12/2008 and expired on 12/12/2011. Is it too late now for me to renew or do i need to start all afresh? Thanks.

      1. You need to process a fresh new URA driving permit. Cut off for renew is currently 2 years from the expiry date. You can call 0752009001 or whatsapp and see a way you can be helped to process a new one faster.

          1. URA driving permit renewal costs varies depending in the number of years one would want. Please call this number 0752009001 for some additional assistance

    2. Hi Adam my driving permit has expired for almost six month and ihear that after six month it supposed to be caunsledmay I be helped in any way.

  14. i was in process of getting a new drivers licence of class B.and i was given learners which expired in 2013. yet would love to complete the process now. where should i start from

  15. Hello Adams, am stephen my permit expired way back in 2014 but wasn’t around but am back, can i renew it & how much

    1. Hello Stephen, not being in the country doesnt stop your permit from being cancelled. The law is for 5 years and that is it. If from the date of issue is 5 years, then you lost your permit as the cancellation time is 5 years from the date of issue. If Jan 2011, it was cancelled Jan 2016. Better call me on 0752009001 and we talk about how you can be helped and be back on the road with a URA permit.

  16. Hullo Adams, i would like to know if i got my permit in 2011 jan & expired 2014 but have not been within the country but now back. Can i renew it & how much…?

    1. If from the date of issue is 5 years, then you lost your permit as the cancellation time is 5 years from the date of issue. If Jan 2011, it was cancelled Jan 2016. Better call me on 0752009001 and we talk about how you can be helped and be back on the road with a URA permit.

  17. Hello Adams,
    My permit is expired and i want to renew it. i have downloaded the medical and Form xii.
    After filling them, what should be my next step.
    Do i go direct to the bank and make payments then to Face technologies. Or i still have to go to URA Offices.

    If i go to the bank, how much money am i supposed to pay to URA. and How much do i pay to Face technologies.

  18. I renewed my driving permit recently. I was able to keep my payment receipt from URA but when I needed to retain one from FACE Technologies, I was informed I could not, which was very odd. That means that I have no evidence that I paid Face technology though I received my new driving permit. I needed the receipt to process a refund at my work place, but this is going to be difficult, if not impossible. How can I get my receipt? I suggest FACE Technology provides each one for every payments made

    1. When you look at the temporary driving permit issued by face technologies, you will see the price you paid. That acts as your receipt and which you can present to your boss for acknowledgement..

      1. Dear Adams, that is actually what I thought until I was at Window 16.The attendant took away the temporary permit, with the receipt lower part. I asked the staff if I could have just the lower receipt part but he blantantly told me ‘No’, adding that I should have made a photocopy before submitting it,an option which was not anywhere in public domain

        1. If you didn’t make a photocopy, that is unfortunate since there is no any other way. However, all people know that you pay in order to get a permit issued as per Uganda law. Your employer or anyone else will prove that once you show them the renewed permit.

  19. Am currently out of uganda , and my driving permit is getting expired soon.

    I can’t come home to renew my permit because my contract is still a long way to go.

    Plz let me know if there’s any other options to renew my permit.

  20. Hey Man,
    is there a way to renew the permit while abroad? Our bros and sis in Kenya able to do it online. Thanks Man.

  21. Hi Adam, well done. I’ve failed to find the medical form you talked about. where exactly do I get it on the URA website??

  22. I got driving license but ma first name was misspelt, the name was meant to be Mukuye but they wrote Mukuve ,how can I be help out of this. thanks

  23. I’m heading to my bank to pay for a 3 years renewal. But I’m unable to down load the medical form. Is it really a must I have to have the medical form prior to renewal? Thank you.

    1. But on the website they say u can renew between 1-5 years of expiry. How come you are saying 2 years

  24. Hi Adams. i have tried to follow your instructions and went to the URA website.However the last part when you click submit the page disappears and there is no option of printing. How do i go about that

    1. That could be your internet problem, and or your browser. Keep retrying, you will be able to get the prn printed. Also dont forget to download the medical form

  25. Am living in uae my permit is expired and am expted to back u ganga next year is there any problem to renue

    1. In order to renew your URA Uganda driving permit, you need to visit URA web portal and select NTR, then permit renew, number of years and create PRN. You will find the prices listed

  26. Hi Adam,
    I have been out of the country to sturdy for 2years
    my permit expired in Feb 2014.
    Kindly advice on the way forward

    1. Sorry Sheila and thanks for the comment. If from the time of your drivers permit expiry date is two years, your permit is canceled and you will need to begin a fresh process. But if there is still some days remaining for two years to click, then you can do the renew. Call 0752009001 for some quick help.

  27. After being given a temporary driving permit from Kyambogo, when do I GO BACK TO pick my permananet driving permit.


    1. That is a question you should ask while at Kyambogo Face. The time frame is usually a week. You can go back after a week and get your small permanent URA driving permit.

  28. Thanks Adam didn’t know where to start from after my friend linked me to a car broker who asked for 350k, woooh i’m saved

    1. Welcome. Its good this information helped you out especially at a time you had wanted it most. Yeah, a Facebook share or like can help thousands of others like you. Good luck.

  29. This is very helpful; thanks. For expats with the foreign exchange permit, is it still a renewal, or do I have to choose foreign exchange again (which would seem to imply that it’s a new permit, which is not the case). Thank you!

  30. I can’t access d renewal and medical formos pliz send them to ma emaileagerly want to renew ma drivers license

  31. Thanks alot.. This info is so helpful, some guys were asking me for over 340k to renew my permit. Wow you are a save

  32. Do you Need a TIN number fast? We process TIN numbers and Drivers Licenses in Only 2 days. Everything is legitimate.

    Call 0752009001 for a reliable service.

        1. Hi Adams can you pliz send me the forms on ma e-mail as well coz I cant find them and yet I would like to renew ma premit

  33. Thank for the information Adams, it was really helpful, since the URA site is disorgines to find what you want on line

    1. Thank you too for taking the time and visiting my website. This is an informational site and expect more to come. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus using the share buttons on top so as to ensure that you never miss out what you like. I am Glad!

      1. Hi Adam, thanx for the good work my driving permit expired in april, what is the total ammount that I have to pay to renew and add in CM class in my driver’s license ?

        1. Steven, you can be able to do a renew and as well as do a new class. Why not call this number so you can talk about it? 0752009001. Thanks

          1. Hullo sebo how can I renew my driving permit which expired in 2011. I was out of the country now I need to renew it. Can I get the entire process please. Thanks

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