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How to Stop Receiving Forwarded Emails in Gmail

By KWS Adams Feb 23, 2019
Block email forwarding

This tutorial takes you through the entire step by step guide on how to stop receiving forwarded emails in Gmail. If by any chance you have been wondering how you can stop the email forwards from those other email addresses, then this article will help you the procedures to follow in order to disable the above.

Whether you own a Gmail, Yahoo-mail, Hotmail and or any other provider, take t from me that you can forward all your incoming emails to Gmail to any other. This option is available free of charge and helps you read and access your messages in a single mail.

In situations when you feel you no longer want to receive such forwarded email messages from another Gmail email address, still there is an option for you to follow in order to either block (from within the receiving address) and or to disable the forward from the sending email. Please follow the below procedures.

How to stop receiving email forwards to and from Gmail

  • Log into the forwarding email
  • Go to settings
  • Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Click disable email forwarding
  • Save changes

At this time, you will no longer be able to receive emails forwarded. Alternatively, you will need to use the Filtering option in case you no longer have access to the email address which is forwarding you the emails. The entire process is very simple and easy for as long as you follow the above.

By KWS Adams

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