How To Track And Mass UNFollow Tumblr Unfollowers

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by KWS Adams
How To Track And Mass UNFollow Tumblr Unfollowers

Following a large base of Tumblr users when they don’t follow you back or when they keep unfollowing you is a very bad experience and which many end up going through from time to time. In fact, I personally hate such users who don’t have a follow back heart be it on Twitter, Tumblr and any other social site since the way they act doesn’t look advanced in any way. When a friend of mine shared with me why he had decided to leave such sites including Tumblr and Twitter for a reason being following many yet none of them followed back, I felt how exactly he was feeling and what he seemed to be going through although the end result was sharing with him how he would try to control that from happening.

When you have a big number of Tumblr users you are following, it means that your stream is kept busy with updates from all those you follow, unlike when you have a every small number of who you follow. When a post which you have interest in appears on your homepage, you choose to give it a visit and which is a conversion anyone would want to get from his or her followers and in case you cant gain that way as a result of those who don’t recognize your existence, the choice I personally take is to instantly unfollow them so that I keep my homepage clean with only a few from those who are loyal.

If you are one of those who are going through what my friend was, then you got to keep reading since in the coming lines, you will get to know how you unfollow those Tumblr users who either unfollowed you and or those who never followed you back even after realizing that you did that. To unfollow such users, there are a number of options for example using the default Tumblr unfollow option and using a third party application be it on your computer or on your smartphone and below is how each works.

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Unfollow Using The Default Tumblr Option

To get started, you will need to log in to your Tumblr account, go to dashboard, click on the following people using the green button located on the top, search for those users who don’t follow you and instantly unfollow them one by one.

Unfollowing Using Applications

To unfollow Tumblr unfollowers using an application, you will need to grant the application access to your account by either loging in using your username and password and or using an API and below are some of those applications you can use.

1. Tumblr Stalkr – This is a tracking and checking application which helps you to find followed you back, who unfollowed you and allowing you to instantly unfollow who doesn’t follow you. Stalkr is also available for the iOS Tumblr users as an Application. You can get started by visiting

2. TumQuit – This helps you to keep tracking those who follows you and those who don’t follow you back on Tumblr. You can too use the application to mass unfollow all you want. You can get started by visiting

The above are not the only ones, there are so many others which you can try out when it comes to unfollowing Tumblr users. For Twitter users, find out How To Mass Unfollow On Twitter.

How To Track And Mass UNFollow Tumblr Unfollowers

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