How To Track/Collect/Follow A Registered Mail/Parcel With Posta Uganda

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams

This tutorial is on how to go about tracking, following and collecting a registered mail or parcel or any other deliverable through Posta Uganda. And yes, I followed everything and through experience, I am sharing with how the entire process and how it works.

Regardless of where you are sending or receiving your registered mail or parcel from or to, the fact is that Posta Uganda has a way which can help you to know whatever you would want to including but not limited to collecting your item, product, mail or parcel once it’s confirmed as received.

On my current visit and stay in the republic of Uganda, a time came when I had to receive some products from my home country. And unlike in the US and other countries which have real mailing addresses, this looks not to be the case here since a P.o.Box address is one which is used when its mailing time, and which I personally used to receive my items from abroad.

In below, I am sharing what I went through right from tracking to collecting my items, and which is a same way on how every one should go about provided its a registered mail or parcel.

1. Begin by requesting the tracking information which is the number from the sender. It can be something like R333333xxxxSL. Get the tracking website and check the status of your item or items.

2. Enter your tracking details and confirm that the item or mail has been delivered in the hands of Posta Uganda or your address.

3. Now you should cross check your P.o.Box address (mail box) and see if there is a note of collection or not. A note of collection will direct you where to pick your item and any monies you should pay if any. If available, simply follow the procedures and if not, check out number 4 below.

4. Go to Posta Uganda Private Bag collection office (its located on the same main Post Office Building on Kampala Road where the mail boxes are located).

5. Submit in your tracking number and wait for it to be confirmed as delivered or not. If your mail is there, you will get it right there and instantly. And if not, you will be told when to check back. Its all simple and easy.

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How To Track/Collect/Follow A Registered Mail/Parcel With Posta Uganda

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