How To Transfer A Land Title In Uganda – Procedures, Costs & Steps Involved

How To Transfer A Land Title In Uganda - Procedures, Costs & Steps Involved This is a tutorial on how to transfer a Land Title in Uganda and all of the procedures, steps and costs associated and involved. For you have been looking forward for answers to all of the land transfer associated questions in Uganda, this guide will help you to find out possible answers and how you can go about it easily without the need to hire any other third party or parties who may over charge you to do work which you can to do without any spending.

Land in Uganda is one of the hot fashionable areas aka hot cake since everyday which goes and comes by, many people are either buying and or selling land, and which calls for transfers of titles, deeds and others related. Therefore, having knowledge on how things work out is the very best thing one need to know since it can save in addition to making things easier and all processes faster. Now that you are planning to buy land which has got a title, there are certain important things you need to know when it comes to transferring the land-title into your names as the buyer. I know many ask for transfers when sometimes they aren’t even ready and nor know the processes, steps and procedures associated. Below are the steps you need to know and follow if you are determined to getting that piece which confirms ownership of the land you have bought.

Requirements when planning to process a land title transfer

1. Fully completed and signed Transfer forms.
2. Two Consent forms and a photocopy of the duplicate certificate of title.
3. Two authentic Passport photographs of the buyer and seller.

Land title transfer Procedures and Steps in Uganda

Land Title Transfer Process In Uganda

Collecting the Duplicate certificate of title

Dulicate Land Title Transfer Collection In Uganda

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Costs Associated during the transfer of title process

The necessary fees you are required to pay include Stamp duty- 1% of the value of the land and Registration fees which is Uganda Shillings 10,000/=. But please note that these costs may be subject to change. And once you are done, everything will be ready for you just like you wish.

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18 Responses

  1. catherine says:

    Halo, am i safe to pay for land by cash ?

  2. pius says:

    Frank districts have different minimum land areas for acquiring land titles, in kampala its 15decimals and other districts it could be as little as ten ten decimals…
    Contact a land surveyor for further details

  3. pius says:

    Tonny check if its just mailo or private mailo because ‘private mailo’ isnt kabakas land

  4. Benjamin Kalema says:

    Hi Am Benjamin Kalema. I want advise and assistance if any one can render it to me. I bought a plot of land in Lugaza in January 2016. I was just in Uganda for a short while then i left in February 2016. The plot was measuring 95*55ft, after the purchase of the plot, the seller made me an agreement infront of the chairman bt didnt hand over to me the original agreement he used to purchase the plot at first, i only took the agreement we only made with the chairman. after a while during my absence, the seller again sold it to another person and till date i have never recovered my plot nor gained my money back since am out of the country.
    If any one can render me assistance to gain the plot back to recover my money, i will be glad. Get me on +256773783793 or [email protected] if u can render me assistace to recover my property.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Hello Benjamin, let me hope someone would read this and help you out. But caution please, don’t fall victim of people in the name of helping you for money since you aren’t around. Only trust those who are ready to give you help. Remember, this is a public viewed site and your content including email and phone will be viewed by all.

  5. lugya edwin says:

    i have an acre of land with a land title in semuto which is bearing names of administrators, how should i change those names?

  6. Acan says:

    Hello, I would like to know what procedure to follow when buying land from and individual and also to transfer the land ownership from his names to mine. What charges will be incured. The piece of land is in Gayaza Kiwenda, which land offices should i go to and where exactly is it located.

    Thank you

  7. Tonny says:

    I just bought a piece of land in wakiso district and on the tittle, the district which appears there is mengo and it’s written mailo tenure.
    Does this mean the land belongs to kabaka?

  8. Oloya Julius says:

    I bought a plot together with the 54 x 38 feet, the seller introduced me the land owner who has the title, the land owner welcomed me on his land, and told me to arrange and buy off my self from land, that bring a surveyor , we survey and make a print from where he will tell me the price to pay , then he make a transfer of that particular area in my names.

    Inquiries , is it possible, people say you can’t get any tittle unless you buy 16 decimals .

    Kindly advice please.

    • pius says:

      In kampala the minimum area to get a title is 15decimals outside kampala it can go as little as 11decimals
      Pious land surveyor

  9. walugembe james says:

    how can i get the value of land in ref to my case i want to transfer 13acres in mubende district kasanda south constituency

    • pius says:

      James its best you get in touch with a land valuer or just set a price you want_PIOUS LAND SURVEYOR

  10. Frank Michael Omondi says:

    If my land is 75 z 50 feet can I acquire a land title because I just have the agreement.

    • pius says:

      Frank districts have different minimum land areas for acquiring land titles, in kampala its 15decimals and other districts it could be as little as ten ten decimals…
      Contact a land surveyor for further details

  11. Namarome Betty says:

    Thanks for the information.
    Just asking can I get a land tittle for this size of land
    49Ft X 75Ft X 64 Ft X 91Ft.

    Also I bought this land from the father who sold it on behalf of his son but did not give me the agreement on which he had given the land to the son. I feel a bit insecure that this son may in future claim this land using the agreement on which the father gave him this land.
    pliz advise me

    • Namisango Prossy says:

      Hi Betty, you are in trouble if both the father and the son do exist, bring your sell agreement and we help you. look for an ngo called African Fraternity for Justice peace and devt. you will be assisted at a minimal pay. or contact that lawyer called Kawuki – 0772558879 he saved my family.

    • pius says:

      Betty if the land is for the son, then the sales agreement should bear the sons name(the land owner) otherwise your sales agreement can easily be disputed
      Its best you get the sales agreement in the land owners name
      Pious_land surveyor

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