How To Transfer/Withdraw MTN Mobile Money From/To Centenary Bank Account

Do you have a Centenary Bank Account number? Do you have MTN Mobile Money? Would you want to know how to go about transferring or withdrawing money between your accounts using your mobile phone?

No worry, this post has got you covered. Like always, I explore and share with you. And this time round, I have brought you this information which am sure will be very helpful to you. The power of Mobile-Banking has been growing day by day to an extent that many people seem to be switching from traditional banking ways to mobile-banking ways but, the connection between the two is another way which has seen things become even more easier than one can imagine.

Just think of a client or a friend sending you cash on your MTN mobile-money account in the middle of the night and you creditting that very cash or funds into your Centenary bank account at the same time. Am sure you can see how this method is helpful.

On the other hand, you need money in the middle of the night to save a friend who is in need. Banks are closed meaning that you can’t access your cash from the banking hall. Your ATM is hold or even damaged and the only option being mobile-money. All you do is to use your phone, withdraw from your bank-account to your mobile-money account. Send it to your friend and you are done.

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Sure, why make you wait? Below are the simple steps and procedures to follow in order to link the two and be able to transfer/withdraw.

1. Visit Centenary-bank (your branch) and update your account details. Add your MTN-Mobile Number since that is a pre-requirement.

2. While in the baking hall, request for Cente-Mobile service and fill the form to get access.

3. Now register your MTN-Number on the Mobile-Money service so as to get access to all features.

4. Once you confirm both of the above registrations ie an access PIN from both sent to your mobile, then press *211# and press YES. Follow all prompts.

5. And or, press *165#, YES, financial, transfer/withdraw to bank account, select your bank-name and follow prompts. You are done and you will always get a message upon success of any transaction.

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