How To Withdraw Airtel/MTN Uganda Mobile Money Cash From ATM Machines

Wondering how to go about withdrawing your MTN mobile money and or your Airtel-money cash or funds from any supported ATM machine for example from Centenary bank’s 148 ATMs located country wide? No worry, this post will show you how to and take you through the entire step by step depending on your service provider.

Like you may know that mobile form of banking has been on the rise day by day ever since the service was launched by the different providers including Airtel-Uganda and MTN-Uganda, the need to use the service by the different subscribers has too been rising due to the way the service works and a lot of people now use their mobile phones as their banks.

And the need to ensure that cross-service is supported for example banks and the mobile money service providers, that is why there is a link between the two which enables customers to enjoy full services like you will see below.

Withdrawing Airtel-Cash On ATM Machines

1. Access your phone services menu on and select Airtel.

2. Select Money and then Withdraw.

3. Select from ATM and enter the ATM name, the amount, PIN, Reference and hit send.

4. Now visit the ATM machine, select AirtelMoney, enter your phone number and follow prompts. You will be done.

Withdrawing MTNmobileMoney On ATM Machines

1. Dial *165# and select financial services.

2. Select ATM Cash out and then ATM withdrawals.

3. Select 1 to generate a 4 digit number TIN code, OK and enter your MM PIN.

4. Visit the ATM machine and select Mobile-Money.

5. Select MTNMobileMoney and enter your phone number.

6. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and then your TIN. Wait for your cash and you will be done simple.

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15 Responses

  1. Neeeeeeeeeel says:

    What about card less teller machines? Can we withdraw from the card less teller machines of DTB bank?

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  2. Haruna says:

    Can you withdraw your airtel money without a bank ATM card? Is it a requirment or even without a card one can withdraw money on the automated teller machines?

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  3. Keti says:

    List of supporting bank atms for mtn and airtel mobile money withdraw? You should list those banks supporting the service and help us more. I know centinary but which else? Thank you boy.

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  4. Nyangoma says:

    Can I withdraw Airtel money from equity bank atm machine? I can’t see the mobile money option when I insert my ATM card?

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  5. Richard says:

    Can you withdraw any mtn mobile money amount on the atm machine? How about the charges you are required to pay to withdraw?

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  6. Rita says:

    Withrawing mtn mobile money on bank atm is a peace of cake. It is very simple to perform. I tried it after reading this post and awesome news. That is why I read your blog daily.

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  7. Jagenda says:

    How can I withdraw UTL m-sente on atm machine? Is that possible yet on or not yet? Your way of MTN withdrawals on bank atm works and I already try that out. Email me if possible please. Jagenda

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  8. Nicholas says:

    Thanks on how to cashout airtel money on any atm machine. I have always wanted to test it but your post is mervarous. Go on with good job.

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