How To Close/Cancel Amazon AWS Account After Free Tier

An Amazon Web Services account gives one access to more than a single service for free when you first sign up and which is known as a free tier. With the Free Tier, one can be able to access services like AWS Data Pipeline, CloudWatch, SES, SWF, SQS, Elastic Transcoder, SNS, ELB, ElastiCache, RDS, CloudFront, EBS, DynamoDB, Cognito, Mobile Analytics, Trusted Advisor, S3, EC2 and many more others.

And just like you know free offers and their terms, the same applies to the AWS free-tier offer since its limited for the first year of usage for as long as what you use falls in the offer boundaries. And once the time reaches for one to start paying for the service usage, many do end up looking for ways to close their accounts before having their credit cards charged.

That is why in this post, I decided to share with you how you can close or even cancel your AWS account in order to avoid any unwanted payments since many of you out there simply sign up and for service testing purposes and below is what you should do.

1. Begin by visiting

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2. Log in with your registered email address and password.

3. Scroll down to Cancel Services and select the one you would want and follow prompts, and or;

4. Select Close Account, check box for agreeing and willing to do your choice and hit close account.

That is simple and the steps above are all you need to do. Good luck.

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  1. Was a great help. I had mine deactivated and deleted and same message like Gloria got above. Good Blog posts.

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    1. Yeah, nice the post served your need.

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  2. Amazon responded me after cancelling following your procedure..

    Greetings from Amazon Web Services,

    This e-mail confirms that you have cancelled your access to Product Advertising API.

    If you’ve canceled your services after the first of the month you may still receive another bill. Please see the Billing & Cost Management Page for details about any remaining charges (applicable to the services you have used)

    You can contact AWS Customer Service via the Support Center:

    If you feel you have received this e-mail in error, please include these details in your case.

    To reinstate your service, you can visit and sign up for the service again. Note that any resources that may have been associated with your account may already have been released or deleted.


    Amazon Web Services

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    1. That looks a general message everyone who cancels a service in Amazon AWS gets. Great my info helped you.

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  3. Thank you for sharing. You saved me the headache of receiving unwanted bills. I already had mine cancelled after my free tire was soon expiring.

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    1. They are not unwanted Bills. For as long as you use the service, its the bill to pay and that is why there is always a way to cancel your AWS services.

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  4. I followed your procedure and had my AWS active services cancelled. I had only used to test thank you.

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    1. Great that you no longer will be worried of bills as a result. Thanks for the comment.

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