How To Withdraw Money From Wirex

You can withdraw money from Wirex if you have an account. Having an account means the ability to be in a position to add funds, and to order a multicurrency travel card that can be used at any VISA-supported ATM branches. Before I take you through the different steps involved, it is important for us to know more about Wirex in detail.

What is Wirex?

According to LinkedIn, “Wirex is a UK FCA-licenced global digital payment platform that has forged new rules in the digital money arena. We gave the world the first Visa payment card that lets users seamlessly spend their digital and traditional currencies in real life.” This means that the company offers a service that allows those in the GPT and Crypto world to use their earned digital money including bitcoin in real life through their VISA card.

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Adding funds to your account

Before withdrawing, one must have funds in their account. And in order to qualify for an account, you must be from any of the supported countries and also have created and verified your account. Creating an account is simple as it requires one to visit here and register for an account.

Adding funds

  • Login and go to dashboard
  • Select the card of choice and click add funds
  • Enter amount and click add funds

Ordering a card

  • Login and go to dashboard
  • Select currency and click get the card
  • Enter billing and personal info.
  • Finish by clicking place order

In order to verify your account, please refer to this page. Also contained are the requirements including personal information and identity documents.

Withdrawing Money From Wirex

You can withdraw money from your Wirex account using the card. Their multicurrency travel card can be used at any VISA-supported ATM points both domestic and international. If you have funds on your account, it only requires you to use the card and have funds instantly. Certain terms and fees apply. You can refer to their website for fees structure depending on the service.

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