How to process Full driving permit in Uganda (1/3 years)

new driving permit Finally you have undergone the drivers test and successfully completed it and got a Certificate of Competence (CoC) issued by the Inspectorate of Vehicles (IOV), the next step is to process your full driving permit, and which too requires  certain requirements completed. It should be noted that during the entire exercise of obtaining the drivers license in Uganda, the testing step is known to be the hardest part.

But for you were lucky and completed that part, the remaining parts are very simple and easy for as long as you fulfill all other requirements and which are payments as far as I know. Follow the below instructions on how to process a full driving permit be 1 year, 3 years or even 5 years (as was announced) in Uganda.

Pay full Driving permit fees

In order to make payment for your full drivers license in the bank, you need to process the payment registration number and select the exact number of years you wish to pay for eg 1 or 3 years. Follow steps below to generate the PRN.

  1. Visit URA web portal and to eServices.
  2. Click payment registration and tick NTR box.
  3. Select Full DP 3 years or Full DP 1 year and fill all other required information.
  4. Select the bank of choice, enter letters and submit form.
  5. Verify the input details and print the payment slip.
  6. Go to the selected bank and make a payment and get a receipt.
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Download UCDP Medical form

A dully filled and stamped UCDP medical form by the doctor is mandatory more especially for new driving permits. Please follow this guide on how and where to download the UCDP medical form.

Attach all documents and submit

Once you have paid the full permit fees in the bank and too got your UCDP medical form stamped by the doctor, the next step is making attachments and submitting. All you need is to attach the learners permit which has the IOV stamp and Certificate of Competence (CoC) number, the proof of payment of full permit fees and the medical form and submit to Face technologies.

You will be required to pay the temporary driving permit fees after which it will be issued to you. You will at the same time be told when to collect your ready UCDP permit. Very simple and easy. Read how to renew an Expired URA driving permit.

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