How To Register As An Employee With NSSF Uganda

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams
NSSF Uganda

In this article, I will share with you on how to register with NSSF Uganda as an employee. If you have been wondering on how you can go about the above with the National Social Security Fund Uganda, then this article has all you need right from downloading, and or picking your employee registration forms to submitting them, and getting your NSSF card right in your hands as an employee.

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Like you may have seen in my other post, “the National Social Security Fund Uganda is a national saving scheme which is intended to help employees save for the future, and or as a way of preparing for their retirement. NSSF is there to offer social security services to employees as outlined in the laws of Uganda through contributions of both the employer and the employee”. And in order to register with NSSF Uganda as an employee, one should be employed either in the formal or informal sector, in addition to following the following below procedures and steps.

Registering with NSSF Uganda as an Employee.

NSSF Employee Registration

1. Visit NSSF Uganda web portal at
2. Click Employee Registration Form to download form.
3. Save the downloaded PDF file in any location of your choice eg flash drive or my documents on your computer or laptop.
4. Print it out, fill it in and submit it to the nearest NSSF office nearer to you within the given time-frame as you will see on the form.

You will be issued with the NSSF card, and which will mean being ready to start saving as an employees. The entire NSSF employee registration is quite easy and takes only a few minutes to be filled. You can as well as your employer to help you out with the above process.

How To Register As An Employee With NSSF Uganda

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