How To Register A Local NGO In Uganda

Are you wondering on how you should go about registering a local NGO in the republic of Uganda? Would you want to know the necessary requirements and steps you should follow in order to get started? How about where to start from – I mean the office and the paper work you need to be with?

No worry, regardless of whether you want to start a Business like or Charity local Non Governmental organization but for as long as your interest is in Uganda, this post will help you get started right from what you need, how you should do it, the requirements and many others. All you need is to continue reading.

I am sure you have seen and read many about how its done in Uganda for example registering a URA TIN Number, a Limited Liability Company, a Vehicle and others, lets look at the local NGO registration procedures this time round and below we get started. Check here on how to Register a Foreign Non Governmental Organization.


1. Recommendation letter written, signed and stamped by the Local Council 1 Chairperson(where the NGO is to operate from). The same letter should be signed and stamped by the LC II, LC III and Resident District Commissioner.

2. Two recommendation letters from reputable people who will act as sureties.

3. Copies of the Constitution or by By-Laws or Rules.

4. Work plan for the organization’s first year work activities, estimated budget and the sources of funding.

5. Leadership structure which is known as the Organization chart showing the hierarchy.

6. Registration fees as required by the registrar’s office.

7. A Reserved name which can be done at the URSBC offices.

8. Form A filled and a letter addressed to the NGO board secretary as an application.

Steps to Fully Register

Take all of the above and present them to the Secretary NGO Board and you will be told on what next. Follow the procedures and you will be told when to pick up your registration certifications.

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    legal steps and enabling sections of law permitting registration of NGO in uganda

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