CONTAACT D.H.L FOR YOUR INTERNATIONAL CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT Scammers never sleep. Everyday which comes by, they create new ways to scam people in addition to reviving some of the old ways they once used to con others. The same has started to happen and is happening once again “regarding a Bank Draft inheritance cheque of $10.5 Million US” which they claim to have been returned to them after it bounced.

This email quoted as coming from one Mrs. Jane Milne Robert using email address [email protected], it is important for anyone reading this to note it down before you are victimized just like many people have already fallen. I must admit that the scammer this time round targeted a wrong person since I know this already and have been alert.

The while message which is being sent to more than a single person contains the below information in detail…

GOOD DAY TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, I Just received a call from Mr. Randy Buday the Director Of DHL Company West Africa. Regarding a Bank Draft inheritance cheque of $10.5 Million USD I sent to you which was returned back due to wrong address provided. Don’t you forget that this Bank Draft was the one awarded to you by Mr. Glenn Thomas, my late husband who died in a Malaysian airline MH17 on March 8th,2014. clicking this page will surely explain better { }. Now they (THE DHL DELIVERY WORLD) need the reconfirmation of the below information; Your Postal / delivery address: Your Full Names: Direct telephone number: Mind you, you should never pay for the delivery Charges, the Insurance premium and the Clearance Certificate Fee of the Cheque because I already have paid for them, the only fee which you are expected to pay is $230.00 USD for the security keeping & intuity fee of the cheque. I would have settled the fee, but the company insisted that I shouldn’t because they don’t know when you will be contacting them so as to avoid demurrage or further cost. Here is the security keeping code: (DHL/0433/SKC) of your Bank Draft. You are expected to tender this code alongside the $230 Security keeping & intuity fee for verification before your delivery. Dhl Address: DHL DELIVERY WORLD, Nigeria Ltd, DHL House ABUZE ABUJA. Contact Person: Dr. Jerry Babs Contact E-mail: [email protected] I will be waiting to receive your quick response. Mind you, the earlier the better cause the Draft will surely be awarded to someone else if we didn’t get to hear from you in the next 48hours. GOD BLESS YOU. Best Regards Mrs. Jane Milne Robert.

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If you recieve this email, please igonre it as it is another scam just like the ones you might have seen on this same site or on others. You should too alert your friends and families so that they can be aware of this email from Mrs. Jane Milne Robert [email protected] with a Reply-To, [email protected]

For those using Gmail, Google attaches a warning on the email just to alert you……… “Be careful with this message. Similar messages were used to steal people’s personal information. Unless you trust the sender, don’t click links or reply with personal information..”

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  1. William Kendall says:

    She, he, or it sent pretty much the same email to me. Checking names showed that Glenn Thomas is real, but he died in the other Malaysian plane crash that year, in Ukraine, and he had no wife. He had a same sex partner.

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