[Solved] This Device Was Reset. To Continue, Sign In With A Google Account Previously Synced On This Device

Samsung Galaxy J500FN Android 5.1 This is a solution for “This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google account previously synced on this device”. If you have been wondering how to solve and go past this on your Samsung J500FN or any other smartphone, then reading this post might be very helpful as you are soon discovering what you have been searching out for.

This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google account previously synced on this device error is very common for Android 5.1 and above devices since its an extra protection added to your smartphone just in case anyone who is not the rightful owner attempts to use your device.

What happens is that once a device has been hard or soft reset, it will prompt WiFi and Google account in order to reactivate it. And without WiFi connection and knowing the previous account which was synchronized on your Android smartphone, chances are that you will never use it. This applies to those thieves who prefer taking advantage of the Hard Resetting option to delete previous user data and make it look like they are the genuine owners of that device.

But just in case you are the rightful owner, happens to hard reset your device and find out that you have no access and nor can’t recall that Google account you had linked your smartphone, then use the below alternative options to go past your verification.

Option one – Use the Google account which was linked to your device before you performed a hard reset. This is all what Google wants. It is a way to verify your identity in addition to helping you restore your data just in case.

Option two – Just in case you forgot your account details, then you should use the Micro USB to USB OTG Adapter Cable option. This will help you do some modifications on your device once you install it. You can buy [[[Micro USB to USB OTG Adapter Cable]]] off Amazon from as low as $0.93. Read full tutorial on how to use it.

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Option three – You should consider visiting your nearest Software Technician dealing in mobile phone repairs. They will surely help you remove the lock well as this may lead to warranty loss just in case.

Option four – You can try contacting your Service provider where you purchased your mobile phone. They most likely have a way they can help you out.

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