[Solved] Card Problem Error – Check Card Startimes

Startimes Error Fixed This article answers this common Startimes error of “card problem, check card”. When people used to email me about this error (yeah because they know how good I am when it comes to researching errors and finding quick fixes for them), I never thought that this kind of error exists. I only knew of the no paired, no signal, not subscribed and others which you all may be knowing. But, it just happened to me when out of blue, my TV paired with Startimes digital decoder stopped and this error popped up.

This made me wonder why it happened with the first question to come up in my head being whether my card had been destroyed. But guess what, all of what I thought about this star-times card problem, check card were wrong. The issue was very simple to deal with well as I can’t even guess what the cause was.

I am sure you are wondering how you can go about fixing and solving this ” startimes card problem, check card” error just like I did right? 🙂 oh don’t hurry, that solution you are looking out for is right here. All you need is to relax, read well, follow what I did and you will have your decoder up and running again within a few seconds. You wont miss that Kungfu movie nor that sport or Nigerian movie.

How to fix Startimes error of card problem, check card

1. Begin by turning off your decoder using the provided remote control and unplug it from power.
2. Gently, locate where the decoder card is and slowly remove it from where its plugged.
3. Using a soft cloth, cleanse the card and make sure that it has no more dust.
4. Gently, plugin the card into the digital box or set and make sure you are doing it the right way.
5. Plug your decoder back into power and turn it on.

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That’s all, your startimes will be fixed and the “card problem, check card” error will be history. Please note that this solution will work for you regardless of where you are located for example in Kampala Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and etc. Just in case the problem persist, you can call or visit your nearest service center and booo, it will be solved.


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  1. Does it mean that when am removing a smartcard i automatically loose all channels.My decorder is not showing anything since i removed my smartcard

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  2. am trying to pay for my startimes decoder through mpesa and the transaction is failing “Transaction failed, mpesa cannot complete payment of ksh93.00 to startimes limited. organization receiving the payment is unavailable, try again later”

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