Top 9 PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers & Businesses

Paypal alternatives for personal use

Finding the best PayPal alternative supported in your country for your freelancer payment options is a dream come true for many. This is because of PayPal being one of the leading payment processors both for personal and business when it comes to offering features supported almopst worldwide.

If you’ve been looking for other ways to send money besides PayPal, you are reading the right article. Most of the online payment processors listed allow you collect freelancer earnings, send business payments and recieve money for personal use from Turkey, UK, Canada, US, Uganda, Kenya, and all supported countries.

While is is free to create a PayPal account, the fact that certain restrictions apply when using it. This is why PayPal’s popularity by country differs where those from where all features are supported use it more when compared with international users for example in Uganda where lots of limitations appy.

It is for such reasons that the need for online payment methods like payoneer continues where access to the best ones means much to those who wish to collect their online earnings. If you are still wondering which ones to go for, go through the list below.

9 Paypal alternative for freelancers and businesses

  • Google Pay is a payment processor which supports both phone, text and online payments to both the public and private, including individuals and businesses. They support Prepaid cards, Swipecards, direct debiting and many others. which was formerly known as MoneyBookers is a world eCommerce and internet payment gateway offering features just like it is for PayPal. For example, accepting payments online, withdrawing earnings, paying for goods and services and many others in addition to supporting both individuals and businesses. is one of the most secure payment gateways trusted by freelancers and businesses when it comes to transacting online. If security of your funds is the one vital thing you consider before others, then this best for you.

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What Escrow does is to act as an intermediary between the buyer and seller by way of holding funds until both parties agree to each other for example after the buyer confirms that the good or service he or she bought was exactly as described. The good additional thing is that whether you are on PayPal or not, you can use the service. praise themselves for being the best PayPal alternative when it comes to processing and handling online transactions. You can create a merchant account and start accepting credit cards and other payments instantly online. is another e-currency provider which allows people to transfer money over the internet. Whether you want to get paid, to make a purchase or currency sell, want to be paid, they are worth to try. is another e-cash payments provider which gives one access to securely make and perform transactions online from Japan worldwide. Whether you want to be paid or to pay, its a choice to try out. is not any different with online payment processores like PayPal, Webmoney, Perfect money and all the rest when it comes to online transactions. All you need is an account to start expanding your sales and get paid from any global market. is worth it. It has moved from a payment handling to a real processor over time. You can receive, withdraw and send money right from your Free Payoneer account. But wait, did you know that joining Payoneer using the above link earns both you and me free money of up to $1000? Don’t miss such a chance.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a payment platform which also doubles as a digital wallet. It goes beyond in-app payments by allowing you make payments from your mobile using Android powered devices including phones, tablets and watches.

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