URA Instant Motor Vehicle Details Search Online

URA Motor vehicle details search This guide is on how to perform URA instant motor vehicle details search online without having to travel to Uganda revenue authority licensing office in Nakawa or any other branch. If you really want to know details concerning the motor vehicle you want to buy, or have bought already for any of the reasons you may have for example comparing with the logbook you have, then this article is for you.

Different people have different reasons as to why they prefer to perform a motor vehicle or motor cycle details search. And among the reasons include but not limited to having lost the original logbook and wanting to process a new one (duplicate), wanting to process an absentee transfer where the original car owner as per logbook is not traceable, and or simply to make sure that the current logbook matches exactly with the details in URA database. Check the old booklet logbook option.

I am sure you have heard or even witnessed people sharing how they were given fake motor vehicle logbooks and etc right? And yes, performing a details informational search is one way to avoid such things from happening. It doesn’t make any sense to discover that the car you drive having its logbook you take to be the original is as well owned by another person, and who is in the Uganda revenue authority database. Please note that this guide is for vehicles with the new type logbook.

Alright, I know by now, you are keen to know what you need to and how to go about the entire process right? Lets look on how to perform URA instant motor vehicle details search online by yourself.

How to perform URA instant motor vehicle details search online

– Log onto URA web portal https://ura.go.ug.
– Click on e-Services and wait for page to load.
– Click on Search and Certification under Motor Vehicle.
– Fill in all required details about you who is searching under applicant details and click next.
– If you got a TIN Number, input it and all others will be auto filled.
– Input the vehicle registration number ie UAM000A and wait for number result.
– Select type of application and enter reason for application, thats under search and certification details.
– Under payment details, select payment mode eg Cash, bank name, enter capture and click submit.

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You will be taken to the forms printing form which you should print out. Head to the selected bank, make a payment and follow procedures below.

– Log onto URA web portal https://ura.go.ug.
– Click on e-Services and wait for page to load.

Click on Motor Vehicle Search Details, enter Acknowledgement Number (it should be on the printed forms you printed in above options), search code and submit. Wait for the acknowledgment and search to be validated and a form will appear with all requested motor vehicle details including make, model, number, current owner and etc. You have the option to print them for a hard copy. That is it all..

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  1. Sebuta says:

    My number plates are too old is it possible to get the new one and which procedure to follow

  2. George William says:

    Hello how are you, I bought acar but I lost acard ,how can I check On internet and I get the copy of that card

    • KWS Adams says:

      Hello George and thanks for the inquiry. Is the logbook registered in your names? If yes, you can try the lost logbook option assuming you printed it already from your Tin

  3. Isaac Okumu says:

    Thanks for these details,are these the same with motorcycles?

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