When Is The Best Time To Buy Yaka?

With electricity being a “must-have” for all due to its associated benefits, purchasing a Yaka token for your prepaid meter at the best time means much more when compared to buying at any other time. Yes, from experience as an electricity user, I came to realize how the time you buy matters much.

If you’ve been wondering when is the best time to buy Yaka, this post just like this for other Umeme questions has got you covered. As we all know, what one takes to be a favorite may not be another’s favorite. This is because different people take different things differently, and so do what they love in life when it comes to using electricity.

During that time when I used to work from home full time, the best time then was all-time between 8 am to 10 pm. But when I changed from full-time tonight worker, Oh yes, the best time too changed since this time around, I need Yaka at night much more than during the day, at home.

On the other hand, at the office, the best time to buy Yaka is during working hours. This is because all we need electricity for happens during those times as opposed to the night hours since the office is closed.

As far as I know, you can buy Umeme Yaka token at any time you need since doing so has been becoming better day by day with a number of Channels including mobile money, POS agents, Banks, etc being channels where one stops and buys a token.

How much is a Unit of Yaka in 2022?

The exact amount one buys a unit of Yaka in 2022 largely differs and is determined by the category where one falls. For example, domestic consumer’s charge arent the same commercial consumers, medium industrial consumers, large industrial consumers, Extra large industrial consumers and etc as far as Umeme tariffs are concerned.

Electricity retail tariffs for quarter two 2022 table

How to get free Yaka units?

Taking aside the social media media “hoaxes” and other Umeme “scams” out there about the same, the only way I know where one can get free Yaka units is a refund from Umeme for the initial deposit. When I switched to Yaka from the monthly billing system, I have credited a refund and which came in inform of Yaka units. Aside from that, I know no other way one can use to get the free as many claims.

When to contact Umeme?

Several reasons might force you to contact Umeme. In situations like Outages, vandalizing, new connection delays, Yaka meter errors, etc, you can do so by visiting any of their branch offices, accessing their social media pages on Twitter and Facebook, or even calling the customer helpline tollfree number on 0800185185.

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