Withdraw PayPal Directly To A Local Bank Account In Kenya

These are good news for all PayPal account holders who have a question of how to withdraw their money locally in a Kenya bank, and imagine at the lowest costs ever as compared to what other providers have been charging. Whether you live in the neighborhood country for example Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan and any other but with a Kenyan operated and registered PayPal account, reading this entire post will help you discover the answer to your online earnings and cash withdraw locally in your country provided you follow what it takes for example having an Automated Teller Machine Card (ATM) which is issued by one bank which partnered with PayPal directly to allows clients withdraw their cash.

As we all know it that PayPal is the Giant online payment processor which has attracted and continues to do so a good number of people from the different countries although many have restrictions, this means that there is an increased demand for those who are involved in the different online activities like selling, freelancing, blogging and others where they get paid to withdraw their money so as to enjoy the benefits of their work just like any one else would want to be paid as a reward for any work done.

With the new PayPal Withdraw Service from Equity Bank of Kenya, it has become very easier for any PayPal account holder to get access to his money directly to his local bank thus replacing the former way of having the money first sent to an international bank account preferably in the US and the to Kenya, and or having ones cash pass through the different agents who tend to charge different percentages thus making one end up receiving pennies out of his or her expected amount. For other countries, check out this PayPal-Withdraw-Guide

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What Is The Equity Kenya Bank PayPal Withdraw Service?

This is a service which is intended to allow Equity bank customers in Kenya to withdraw their PayPal earnings directly to their local bank account without any need for owning an international bank account as it was a requirement in the past. And provided one has fulfilled all the necessary requirements, a transaction can take a period between 1 – 8 days in order for the money to be in your account.

What Are The Requirements For Getting Started?

In short, below are the requirements you need to hve completed and be with in order to get started.

1. A PayPal account and which is verified. Check how to verify your PayPal account easily here.

2. A working and active bank account with Equity Bank Kenya be personal or business.

3. Having a computer or any other device which can access internet.

4. A mobile phone number and or a working email address (as a detail on your bank account).

How To Go About The Entire Withdraw Process?

Now that you have all the requirements as mentioned above, below is what you should do to get started with your PayPal funds withdraw to your local bank account.

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1. Visit the Equity Bank webpage and access the PayPal Withdraw link.

2. Choose your account type for example Personal or Business and continue.

3. Enter your account number and continue.

4. Get the One Time Pin sent to either your mobile or email address and go back to the bank page to continue.

5. Review everything as provided until the finish stage and wait for a time between 1 – 8 days for your money to be credited on your local bank account.

You are done and that is all you need. The next time you feel like cashing out your PayPal, use the option above and you will be done.

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