Author: KWS Adams

How To Give Computer Services 0

How To Give Computer Services

Computer Services is one kind of business which may look easy but you really have to do the right steps for you to be able to succeed. In that way, you are going to...

UNRA 2016 Shortlist Job Interview 0

UNRA 2016 Job Interview Shortlist

Good news, the 2016 UNRA shortlist for Jobs interview is out. If you did apply for the Uganda National Roads Authority Jobs early this year, this is a post you shouldn’t miss out. In...

NIRA Death Certificate Form 12 [Download Preview] 0

NIRA Death Certificate Form 12 [Download Preview]

NIRA is the government body which takes on the death registration and death Certificate issuing in Uganda. Known as the Uganda National Identification Registration Authority, it is the same body which is responsible for...

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