How To Generate Amazon Affiliate Link Using Mobile Apps

Last Updated on January 21, 2023 by KWS Adams
How To Generate Amazon Affiliate Link Using Mobile Apps

Wondering how to generate Amazon affiliate links on the go using installed applications in your mobile smartphone? This tutorial is about how to do the above. Following the guide below will help you not miss sharing your promoted products as an affiliate, and which will help you boost earnings as we all know that the more you promote, the higher your chances of selling and earning commission.

Believe me you, every since Amazon scrapped off the RSS tag feature which was very nice as any affiliate would simply automate product promotion using RSS feeds with his or her affiliate tag, things changed a lot as many affiliates especially those using mobile phones were limited on the speed used when it came to posting affiliate product links.

However, the availability of the different mobile applications developed by the different developers have continued to solve this problem where by as of now, you need not to rely on computers only since these apps you see below can help you speed up the process of generating affiliate links using your mobile smartphone.

These applications besides helping you generate and process Amazon affiliate links too offer you opportunity and freedom to share the generated or created links on different other mobile apps including Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and so forth with a single click. Just imagine processing a single affiliate link of a particular product and sharing it across the different social apps depending on the number of fans you have.

Requirements to generate Amazon affiliate links on mobile

– Smartphone with open internet access bundle.
– Official Amazon shopping application installed.
– Easy affiliate application installed.
– Other social apps like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

How to generate Amazon affiliate links using mobile apps

1. Own a smartphone and activate it to Internet – You will need a working [[[smartphone]]]. You can use your current phone if you own any and or buy a [[[cheap mobile phone]]] from a store like Amazon or any other as per your choice.

2. Install Amazon Shopping app – You will be required to download and install Affiliate Amazon official shopping application to your mobile. Once you have it, follow the next step below.

3. Install Easy Affiliate app – You will need to download and install the Easy affiliate application onto your mobile. Launch it and go to the main settings page. Copy and paste your Affiliate network tags eg one for Amazon and Flipkart, Snapdeal.

4. Select a product to promote – Launch Amazon shopping app and browse through the different available products. Click on the one you want to promote, scroll and tab Share. Select Easy affiliate app and process the link. The end result will be a long Amazon affiliate URL with your tag included. You can click Shorten URL to make it short using the shortener.

Either select the link and chose share or simply copy the shortened or long Amazon affiliate URL and launch any other app you would like to share it to eg Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and any other. It is very simple and easy to get started.

How To Generate Amazon Affiliate Link Using Mobile Apps

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