How To Deal With InterSwitch Uncompleted ATM Transactions

Has it ever happened to you when your Interswitch ATM transaction ended up in an incomplete way and you never got your cash from the teller? If it has never happened to you, its very important for you to read this entire article since it is based on a personal user experience thus meaning that by the time you go through it, you will know what you should do in case you find yourself in such a situation. But still, even those who ever experienced it before need to read since things tend to change as the world grows in technology.

Interswitch is a financial service provider which allows customers of the different banks for example centinary bank, DFCU, Global trust and others to get access to their funds and money from any supported Interswitch Automated Teller Machine or ATM just like it works for VISA, Mastercard and others related services.

And unlike the tranditional single bank ATM’s where only customers and clients of the same bank have access to the service, Interswitch offers a service where provided your banks is in the Interswitch network, you have access to your funds at any time from any supported machine.

Just like all service tend to have a positive and a drawback, the same applies to Interswitch services for example in situations when one attemps to withdraw cash, have the money deducted from his bank account and the ATM never gives out the money – which is also known as an incompleted, failed and an unsuccessful transaction. Many people do face this and in many cases, they tend not to know how to deal with the situation in order too get a refund of their money.

Below are some of the ways to help you get started in case of an unsuccessful transaction at an Interswitch ATM location other than your own bank.

1. First make sure that the ATM has not given out any money. You can wait for a few minutes before you leave the ATM booth.

2. If there is a bank branch at that Point, walk in and explain to them what happened and see what they tell you to do.

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3. If you aren’t helped, call up your bank and explain or simply visit your bank branch and explain. Don’t worry, most ATM’s have camera’s installed, they already know that you didn’t take the money.

4. You call alternatively call the Interswitch helpline and make an inquiry.

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  1. NellaUHeam says:

    My brother suggested I might like this website.
    He was totally right. This post actually made my day.
    You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent
    for this info! Thanks!

  2. Wampamba says:

    I am centinery customer. I got the same problem with an uncompleted transaction at Interswitch OVINO but later, I got a message of Auto refund. I like my bank.

  3. Namanda says:

    Interswitch is fake. I paid an airtime at the vendor who promised that my AT would arrive shortly. Its 2 weeks now, this vendor in Kasenge never sent my airtime. When I went back, she told me how she had sent it but to who? Style up Interswitch.

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