How To Get A CenteMobile Loan In Minutes

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by KWS Adams
CenteMobile Loan

When you run out of cash, unable to clear bills, or even fuelup to reach your destination, a CenteMobile Loan might intervene. If you really know the hassles one goes through in order to obtain a fast credit, etc, of course, such becomes one better alternative to make use of at any time in need.

CenteMobile is a product of Centenary Bank, one of the leading financial institutions in Uganda with a record of having been operating for many years. CenteMobile loan is a sub-product of the main one which allows those connected to secure instant loans right from their mobile phones.

With CenteMobile, you are worry-free when it comes to cash shortages since at anytime and anywhere, you are able to borrow without the need for collateral but rather, your account standing in for you. This means easy clearance of whatever for as long as you are stuck and need money.

As always, I dug deeper in order to share some helpful information on the same product including how to registering, securing a loan, the limits, and associated charges. If you are keen to know the trick I use to stay with money at all times, continue reading.

Registering for CenteMobile

You can either download the Centemobile application form, simply visit any nearest Centenary bank branch or even visit the CenteAgent and get started. Either way, you will be required to follow a set of simple instructions right from inputting your 16 digit VISA Card PAN number and confirming with the received OTP code.

If you simply want to do it at the Bank, visit any branch, request for an application form, fill it in providing valid details including your account and phone number, and submit. Your application will be processed and once approved, you will receive a one-time code that you will use to activate the service and start transacting.

Obtaining an Instant loan

You will be able to obtain a CenteMobile instant loan once you dial *211# OK, inputting your PIN, and follow prompts on the Loan request. In order to qualify, you will need to input your Financial card details. From there, you will see the limits available after which you will input the amount and wait for it to be approved.

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CenteMobile Loan Limits

Just like borrowing limits apply when doing it on your telecom network, the same applies when doing it from Cente Mobile. Certain limits apply, and so to the borrowing terms. You will need to first take note of the associated loan terms and so to how much you are allowed as a new borrower.

Points to note:

  • You will need to have an account with Centenary bank before obtaining a CenteLoan, unlike the CenteSwift where you don’t need one.
  • You must have a financial card in order for this to work.
  • The loan has a repayment period which you must agree to.
  • An interest as determined by the bank applies
  • The product has associated charges while transacting.

The next time you think of obtaining a quick and faster loan, you can think of the above and see how you will be helped.

Using CenteMobile

For those asking how to use Centemobile, it is all very easy. Dial *211# from your registered mobile, select your choice, enter your PIN and start transacting. Alternatively, you can head on to Google Play app store, download and install the app on your mobile. Following first time usage, activate and start transacting instantly. The good thing is the fact that money comes on your mobile thus allowing you to pay, withdraw, send, clear utility bills without worrying about etc and so forth.

How To Get A CenteMobile Loan In Minutes

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