How To Open A Germany Non-Resident Bank Account With DKB

Free Germany DKB Bank Account - Open Offshore Non Resident Banking Many people seem to have so much interest in where having a Germany Non-Resident Bank Account whether current, savings or any other but located there is one of the reasons. While I may not be so sure as to why many people prefer open up accounts in other countries other than where they live, one thing I know and take to be important is sharing how everything should be done.

And if you want to open up an account in Germany, this article will surely help you on the steps and requirements including where you should get done. Click for free-US-account or a UK non-resident-account.

Some providers like DKB, which I used when finding out the possibility do offer more than what you can imagine on their accounts. Accounts have free maintenance, Free Visa credit card, Free cash withdrawals from all Visa ATMs around the world, Free bank transfers, Euro currency, possibility to do Bank transfers in other currencies, Overdraft facility with low interest rates, a Current/Savings/Securities/Minor/Salary/Travel account and many others.

If you know DKB and would want to have your account there, then follow the simple procedures below and open a free Germany Non-Resident Bank Account

1. Visit
2. Fill out the Germany Non-Resident Bank Account application and submit it.

3. You will be contacted to submit verification documents after which your account will be created.
4. You will be mailed the different documents you need to run your account including your VISA ATM cards.

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