How To Open A Mexico Offshore/Non-Resident Bank Account

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Just like people prefer to open up Non-Resident Bank Accounts in countries like the US, UK and others, the same applies to Mexico. There are very many Non-Mexican residents who would want to open up such bank-accounts for their different needs.

In Mexico, different Banks have different requirements when it comes to getting bank-accounts for example proof of identification which may be a passport, drivers license and any other regardless of the account type one wants to open-up.

Be it a Checking-account, Deposit-account, Investiment-account or an Offshore-account, you will need to go through the different steps involved and fulfil all the requirements after which you will be given an account-number.

Mexico Non-Resident-Bank-Accounts are dollar denominated and can be opened directly through the different supported Mexican-Banks and or their partner/affiliates in supported countries around the world.

Such accounts are intended for people who make higher cash deposits, who can be an individual or even a business. And usually, those off-shore-accounts are different when it comes to taxes and others.

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In order to open up one, you simply need to do one thing – look out for the different banks and inquire if they have a Non-Resident-Account support. You will too be given the requirements you should provide after which you will successfully open up your account.

Since you may be located outside Mexico, you should use the internet and visit the respective financial institution website. And if you are close to their partners, the contact them directly.

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How To Open A Mexico Offshore/Non-Resident Bank Account

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