How To Start Fish Farming In Uganda – Modern/Cage/Pond

Fish Farming in Uganda Guide to starting fish farming business. How to start fish farming in Uganda is a question which bothers many. And yes, it is for reason being that fish farming is one business which many farmers have seen to be a boost in their incomes. Leave alone the old farming ways where crops and food were the only farming option. With fish farming, one decides which way to go and what is best. It involves modern farming, cage farming, pond farming and many other ways.

If you are in Uganda and wondering how to get started with fish farming, reading this article will help you discover what you have been missing, and how to easily start. Like many say, knowledge requires investment, and so to farming. Fish farming in Uganda has been improving way back and as of now, people fish farm not only for home needs but too for cash which is got from both the local and external markets.

Yes, taking advantage of fish farming in Uganda can be a way to say goodbye to poverty, and a way to become rich. But how? This answer can only be gotten when you start or get involved with fish farming projects in Uganda. Fish farming is in many and it is usually recommended to start on a small scale until you feel that you can upgrade to a large scale.

In Africa which includes Uganda, fish farming has been seen by many as a poverty eradicating strategy, a business which can be done by all people, a business which can be done for home use and for export (external market target), one which can easily be learned within a very less time, and one which has so many available training areas basing on the fact that there are very any people who are involved in this business.

When you visit YouTube, trust me, you will find a list of video all about training how to start fish farming. The same applies to the web, there are lots of tutorials which are all centered at how to start the fish-farming business. Both social and news media channels have farm related talks, tags and shows which host the different people in this same business to teach others.

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When you look on the other side, you will find that there are various training which are held month to month with all targeting fishing. For example, Aquatech Uganda which is located in Kajjansi off Entebbe road has a breeding center, and which is very useful to new farmers entering this business. I have witnessed a lot of training going on at Aquatech Uganda in conjunction with Business forum Uganda and Farming Uganda. Many people have learnt different skills with real eyes. If you are reading this now, there is another training schedules on the 9/7/16 about the same. You can register by calling 0752009001. NARO is another stop for this. Through its range of country branches, you can easily get started.

The question of how to get started with fish farming in Uganda can easily be answered but only if you follow a few of the below.
1. Researching related information both offline and online.
2. Attending seminars and training focusing on the same.
3. Learning from those experts who are already doing the same.
4. Staring small and upgrading to large scale once you see it fit.
5. And very many other things which you can add on your to-do list.

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  1. Lubyayi Emmanuel says:

    Thanx a lot, I’m Lubyayi Emmanuel from Kalangala, i’ve already started with some catfish, can u help with market?

  2. buhamizo ronard says:

    thanks dia ones, am student at makerere and i would like to be part of u guys. am doing animal production technology with abias in aquaculture

  3. violet Emeritiene says:

    when willthe next training take place and where or can i please get good information about fish farming because i have started my journery.
    thank you

    • KWS Adams says:

      Hello violet Emeritiene and thanks for the comment. This article you commented on has a contact number just in case you wish to know more about fish farming in Uganda. Just make use of that by call other than by SMS as many do.

  4. Lois says:

    Thanks a lot for this, am really interested and would like to start a fish farm am just wondering how to collect the water or where to get containers. anyway I think I need to pay you guys a visit to know more. thanks

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks for finding this helpful as well and commenting. Hope we will be seeing you at our next fish farming training which you can book by contacting us.

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