Make Money, Profit From Passion Fruit Farming In Uganda

Passion fruit farming in Uganda Wondering how to make money through Passion fruit farming in Uganda? Want to know how to profit from Passion fruits as an agriculture activity? Want to know how much profits you can make from and out of Passion fruit farming in where you are located? Don’t worry, this post has all related answers you might have been looking out for. Reading it entirely will help you get access to what you never knew before, and or what you have been hearing from others when it comes to Passion fruit farming.

With Passion fruit farming being one of the most profit returning businesses in Uganda, many people have adapted this farming not only for home use as it used to be back in the days, but too for large scale farming aka commercial farming with a target of fighting poverty, becoming income well off, profiting from sells and becoming well off in monetary terms. If a question was asked about who doesn’t want to be rich, believe me you, you too wouldn’t be rising your hand for reason being that you want to be a rich one.

Yes, that is why involving yourself into Passion fruit farming in Uganda is one of the ways which will help you to make money and to become rich within a shortest time as many can think of. Agriculture and farming are wide. They involve food farming, vegetable farming, fish farming, Passion fruit farming and very many others. But the question is, where do you fall? Which agriculture or farming activity are you involved in? How much profits do you get out of that activity? How much does an acre of land fetch when it comes to monetary returns?

When you take a look on the different tutorial and training websites and farming videos on sites like, you will be surprised by the much money people make through passion fruits farming not only in Uganda but in other countries like Kenya, Tanzania, India, Nigeria, only to mention. But how do you get started? Read on to find some simple calculation which shows you how much money you can serious make and how much you need to spend as inputs like Benny shared on

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• One acre contains 750 up to 800 depending on the spicing of the plants.
• Every seedling costs 1000 (half a dollar) and every acre will cost 75,0000 ($254 USD)
• A farmer will require pole on which plants will get support while growing.
• You will need wires or gorse ropes to help your plants grow on them.
• Fertilizers are crucial when doing farming every plant needs food like any living organ.
• Prepare yourself with pest side because when doing farming there is no room for pest and diseases.
• Workers have to be at the farm this will help a farmer to easy the job because you can’t do all things alone.
• The passion fruit will start spreading in in 30 days and will bring its first fruit in 5 months if good care is taken.
• The first harvest brings 6 bags and the yields will increase every day up to 12 bags, the harvest goes between 17-24 month, so the estimated capital is for one acre is UGX 4,000,000 ($1404 USD) all costs covered.
• Every week the farmer will harvest 8-12 fill sack and the price so far is UGX 200,000 ($95 USD) to UGX 300,000 ($150 USD) price per sack, total of profit on all sacks harvest every week is 128 sacks equal to UGX 6,400,000 ($2245 USD).
• Also note passion fruit takes a break but you will profit a lot.

In the above quote, you can clearly see some expected inputs and outputs in your passion fruit farming in Uganda, now it is high time to check yourself and see if you can get started. All you need is very simple, to search and gather all required information, to attend training and seminars, to start practicing on a small scale and later upgrade on a large scale. At this moment, you should start making real money off passion fruits business. Like many say, Agriculture and farming never lie.

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