How To Withdraw PayPal Money From Any Country

Payoneer-VCC-Free_rvlghw Withdraw PayPal from any country with Payoneer regardless of whether you are from those countries where PayPal is not supported locally for example Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and others or those where you are not allowed to. This article will help you discover the quickest and guaranteed way to withdraw your funds from anywhere. Briefly, PayPal is known to be one of the worlds most used payment processor which allows individuals, businesses and any one else to send payments, get paid and do anything else which involves the transfer of funds from one place to another just like you see how people who trade on sites like eBay, Tmart, Amazon and others do when it comes to payments.

What I am sharing is something which is based on my own experience and believe me you, it works 100% and within a short time provided you follow the required procedures, you will be able to withdraw all your earnings you get regardless of how you get the money for example those who are involved in the online money making deals and below is what you need to do in order to get started with the above. Check out how to withdraw to your local bank account in Kenya.

What you need?

A Payoneer account – Payoneer has an affiliate service which allows members from participating providers to create accounts, link them to the United States Payment Service which allows the same Payoneer members to create a free US Bank account and access to a routing number for purposes of allowing one to get paid directly on his or her created US bank account.

A PayPal account – You can create a PayPal account whether business or premier for free and or simply use your already existing one and after, follow the below procedures.

1. Visit Payoneer homepage and navigate to accounts for example individual or business.

2. Click on sign up and wait for the Splash message to load depending on your Internet speed.

3. Fill in all the required information while ensuring that you fill in the correct details and submit info.

4. Payoneer will contact you in a few days requesting you to upload your identification details after which you will be notified of your account status upon approval or rejection.

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5. Upon approval, Payoneer will notify you when your card will arrive using your specified mailing information and the same message will contain a link which you will use for US Payment Service application.

6. When your card arrives, you will be required to follow the information mailed to you for activation after which you will be able to link your PayPal with US Payment Service and you will be done.

There is no need to worry, everything is so simple and you can always seek help from Payoneer help on what next to do.

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  1. raman says:

    I’m from india. i’m not able to open account there as india is not mentioned under country dropdown list. Please check.

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