Is Payoneer Real or Fake? My Personal Review

Payoneer fake or legit? You may have read many reviews about Payoneer right? But, you may not have read one from a real personal experience. What you are seeing and reading is my own reviews and which is based on real facts about Payoneer services. I took my time, analyzed everything, consulted where necessary and came up with the conclusions you are soon finding out below.

If you aren’t yet a Payoneer customer, or just joined and wondering what the real facts are with regard on whether it is a legitimate or scam service, and or wanting to join and simply wanting to know certain details including answers to your burning questions, just take time and go through this personal based review. Trust me, by the time you go through it, you will be able to make a choice with regard.

What is Payoneer?

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Is Payoneer safe?

The answer is YES! This service provider is more safe than anyone can think of. I have been using them to handle my PayPal and Amazon payments as a linked account for years now (so far 3 expired MasterCard’s) with nothing like a problem. One thing I know is that everything flows as outlined and thus meaning it is safe.

Is Payoneer legit?

Personally just like thousands of other users, I know that it is legitimate, and a provider I can highly recommend that you try out if you feel like. Payoneer is legitimate for reason being, they deliver what they promise and in a smooth way. Unlike other service which claim something else and offer another, this is different. You get what you should. Even if my account funds spends more than a number of months, I am on a sure deal that I will find them intact.

Is Payoneer a scam?

Oh NO, they are not scam. At least I can prove this basing on my own personal experience as a user who have been working them them for some good number of years. Truth be said, they are legit and even if an error occurs during ATM withdraw, you will find your money back onto your account the moment the merchant releases it.

Is Payoneer free?

Yes, they are a free service provider. You are allowed to create an account for free, receive your MasterCard to your mailing address for free and too do transactions. What I know is that there is a yearly fee (and monthly fee for those who sign up on 3rd party affiliates). The good is that for as long as you balance is lower than the fee you are supposed to pay, you will never be charged. It is almost a Will-like payment system. The lowest transaction charges apply on receiving payment while a standard $3.15 withdraw fee applies regardless of the much you are taking out of the ATM machine.

Is Payoneer a bank?

As far as I know, while many claim that Payoneer is a bank, I personally don’t agree. The master debit cards which are given to members are issued by other Banks I guess. This is explained by the fact that the bank accounts given are attached to other banks like Bank of America, and etc. Payoneer being a service provider is in some way working hand in hand just to ensure that you get access to money anywhere, and service which many others who claim to be alternatives can’t do at the same rates like its done here.

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Is Payoneer a safe site / secure?

The site is secured using https protocol other than http. This only shows that your information is secure only with them and no third party can access it during info transfers. You can type their site on your browser and see what happens. It will be a https and which is signed and verified. This means it is a safe site.

Is Payoneer Mastercard prepaid or debit?

Think and look at it either way. Yes, Payoneer mastercards are both prepaid and debit. By being prepaid means that they are automatically loaded every time you get funds onto your account. And being debit means that you can spend what is on the card only in the account balances figures where by upon accumulation, you can’t use unless it is recharged.

Is Payoneer customer service trustworthy?

While they (the customer services) take long (2 days) to respond to queries, the fact is that their service is trustworthy. Whether you chose the email way, phone contact way and or chat way, the quality of service you are offered is enough to tell that Payoneer has a better and trustworthy customer care service ready to help at all times.

What is Payoneer phone number contact?

If you are within the United States of America, you can reach Payoneer using telephone number 1-800-251-2521 and 1-646-658-3695 for those who are outside the US. You can find this very info when you log in, going to help section and contacts.

Can I link Payoneer to PayPal account?

When I was fresh to this service, I linked my first Card to my PayPal account and verified my account. I too linked my bank account. But now, I hear many claiming that PayPal blocks Payoneer bank account when you try to link them. But still, there are ways you can do that. I linked my last after following the guide in this eBook I bought from Amazon.

I am very sure you have gone through all of the above and possibly found an answer you have been looking out for. Trust me, I am gonna update this post with lots of more questions and answers which you might find helpful..

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