How To Register A Trademark / Service mark In Uganda

Register Trademark Uganda Wondering how to go about registering your trademark, and or service mark in Uganda? You don’t have to worry, this article will take you through the entire process right from understanding what a trademark is, what a service mark is, what makes the two differ from one another, how it works, how to go about registering your it and where to do it. Like you have asked me to share it with you, I am responding right here just for you to know what to do and how to do it.

In brief, a trademark is that sign which is used to differentiate goods and or services which are offered by the different providers or entities which can be businesses, companies, corporations and etc. In a situation where different providers produce more less similar goods, it is very vital for such businesses to have a way of distinguishing such goods and services which the different providers offer, and which is why a trademark or a service mark comes in.

Service marks protect services while on the other hand, a trademark protects goods. If you are in Uganda, and or outside but wanting to register your trademark, follow the below procedures and steps. And please note that this is the work of the Uganda registration services bureau, a government entity which is tasked to do the above.

1. You should begin by visiting the URSB offices and requesting a trademark search. This you can do upon payment of the required fees. This will help you find out whether the trademark you want to register is available or exists already.

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2. Once the search is made, the next step is to fill in your application. This too has to be accompanied by the required fees which you should have pay in the bank after assessment. Your application will contain that mark you want to register, the applicant names, address and the signatures. Please note that, “If the applicant is a foreign company, a Power of Attorney or Form of Authorization (TM NO. 1) to an agent (Advocate of High Court) will be required”.

3. Your application should be reviewed so as to ensure that indeed, it does make that difference when it comes to differentiating what you offer from others. Once its accepted or approved, “the application will be advertised in the Official Government Gazette for 60 days”. This is intended to allow other parties get involved either to oppose or the opposite of your trademark.

4. Once the 60 days are expired, the registrar will register that trademark or service mark and issue the applicant a certificate of Registration, upon payment of the required fees if any. The trademark “registration is for a period of Seven years (7) and upon expiry is renewed every ten (10) years”.

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