[Solved] Package Stuck at USPS Facility JAMAICA, NY 11430

Package Stuck at USPS Facility JAMAICA, NY 11430 Package Stuck at USPS Facility JAMAICA, NY 11430 is a common query and question many buyers awaiting their shipping items, products and or parcels tend to ask. And yes, I myself have gone through the same situation after seeing no any additional and further updated with regard to the status of my shipments after having them arrive at this point, one of the Biggest United States Postal Services warehouse for shipments heading to Africa, Asia and many other parts of the world.

“Your item arrived at our [[[USPS]]] facility in JAMAICA, NY 11430 on October 3, 2016 at 11:42 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination”. In this post, I share with you a solution for Package Stuck at USPS Facility JAMAICA, NY 11430 as I searched and found a ‘solved” option, which I am sharing with you right now.

Before you start thinking that either your item or product has been sent back and or is missing, there are certain factors you need to look at. One main reason why many ask is due to the fact that once an item arrives at this post, no further tracking info is updated, and which makes one think that something is wrong somewhere.

Things like the estimated delivery time or period set by the shipper or sender, the shipping package you paid for and many others are some of what you should look at. This is because of the fact that different shipping options and packages have different tracking and delivery options and which are very vital in this case.

From what I know, if your item was shipped using the First Class option, chances are that it will take longer time and weeks in order to be delivered depending on where you live or the destination. And besides, the First Class does not offer tracking outside the United States Canada [[[International Tracking]]], and this regards whether you purchased on eBay, Amazon or any other site.

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This means that USPS-Facility JAMAICA, NY 11430 being one of the last destinations, its likely that your shipment is on its way to its final destination and you should wait for the approximate or estimated delivery time agreed upon by the seller or sender.

One last thing, during the course of waiting, my item did arrive in the estimated time to 7 full weeks and thus helping me understand what is all about item stuck. The fact is that the item isn’t stuck but rather on its way to the final place..

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11 Responses

  1. Derrick says:

    My package has been stacked in your custody
    since 3 October till now and this is my tracking number LA115582305US please help me find the location

  2. Danny says:

    So are you saying it can take up to 7 weeks? I have waited over 2 week and still nothing. The seller promised me 3-8 business days tracking # ED593532714IN

  3. Cynde Alexander says:

    I mailed a package with incorrect address on May 12th 2017, my package has been sitting in Jamaica NY since May 20th, stating it “departed USPS Regional Destination Facility”. I have requested it be returned to me twice! what more can I do???

  4. Disappointed says:

    Have waited from 1st week Oct 2016 until today. Local post office confirmed not getting any package. Last status is “Your item arrived at our USPS facility in Jamaica, NY 11430 ….”

  5. Salim says:

    EZ057349218US about 240 days & still waiting.

  6. JEN MATHEW says:

    Please help me make findings on my item that got stuck in your arena the tracking code is CH006233520US

  7. Brillyant says:

    Its make sense, and thanks for your advice

  8. Brillyant says:

    My package with tracking no. LK199305785US for many weeks at Jamaica NY USPS Facility when the item move or go to delivery prosses…

    • KWS Adams says:

      Keep waiting. If you submitted the correct address, your item will finally arrive. I had mine delivered after 75 days.. It sucked but I still have more 2 which are 80 days old but am still waiting.. Better solution is to wait

      • Alhassan says:

        please the most important thing is to visit your local post office yourself and not to sit and wait for the item to be delivered to your door..it doesnt work that way especially when you in africa…

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