5 Best Free To Air / Digital Satellite Decoders / Receivers You Can Try Out In Uganda, India, Kenya, Tanzania, China

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Free to air digital tv satellite decoder

With digital TV being the order of the day, having a free to air decoder or satellite receiver is a “thing” many wish for. The reason for this “call” is the fact that unlike a paid recorded where one pays a monthly fee depending on the bouquet, the Free To Air option is no such. A user pays a single purchase fee and there by enjoying a lifetime digital TV life forever. But, there is one important thing many people leave untouched, and which is the question of “what the best free-to-air decoders are”. And that is what I am sharing with you in this article.

In Uganda and Kampala as a case study, it is mandatory for all to own a digital satellite paid or free to air decoder if at all one has interest, and or interested in watching television. With the new rule in place, all TV can only be accessed through such decoders. Ever since this came into force, Kampalanians and others in the affected parts of Kampala have been looking for ways of migrating to the digital world, and something which make many search out for the Best FTA digital TV boxes and sets with worldwide shipping coverage.

Regardless of whether you are in Uganda Kampala, and or in any other country for example Kenya, Nigeria, India, China, Ghana, and etc, reading this post will get you introduced to some 5 free-to-air digital decoders and satellite receivers which will help you enjoy the TV world without any monthly fees. Please note, this list is compiled by me basing on the different factors found when I reviewed each of these.


PrimaSat II free to air decoder

Features, reviews, pricing and specifications – PrimaSat II has a range of features. It is sold at a good price and supports more than 4000 channels. Full features and specification below.

– Digital Free-To-Air TV and radio via satellite
– 4000 channels memory capacity for 64 satellites
– Digital sound through coaxial output (S/PDIF)
– Electronic TV Programme Guide (EPG)
– ASTRA channels pre-programmed
– Automatic and manual channel scan options
– Favourite lists for TV and radio
– 10 timers with 4 modes
– Teletext, subtitling, audio track support
– Parental control for locking channels


Startimes free to Airt decoder

Features, reviews, pricing and specifications – Startimes is well know digital tv provider supporting both free and paid subscriptions. Their single purchase allows you to watch all of your favorite local channels. The box comes with a full year warranty. More features and pricing below.

– Price: 4,399 ksh
– Bundled with 1-month free unique bouquet(worth 1499 ksh)
– Watch over 55 Local channels free forever
– Free radio stations
– No dish required
– Upgrade to Pay TV and enjoy up to 76+ world class channels anytime
– Simple plug and play
– One year warranty
– Dual function: Tablet + Smart Phone

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Zgemma Free To Air Satellite Decoders

Features, reviews, pricing and specifications – Zgemma offers such setlite digital boxes with their software. This devices supports WiFi. Learn more about the different features below.

– Linux Operating System
– Multimedia plug-in supported
– HDMI up to 1080p
– 1 x Smartcard-Reader
– 2 x USB2.0
– USB WiFi optional)
– 100 Mbit Ethernet Interface
– Advanced EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
– Full automatic service scan
– Various OSD skins supported
– Cool silent fanless running
– Low deep-standby power consumption under 0.5 W


Freesat DVB-S2 V8

Features, reviews, pricing and specifications – Read the detailed features, specifications and pricing as shown below. Nothing to add on.

– 1080P Full HD DVB-S2
– Support Full PowerVu, DRE &Biss key
– Support IP Camera, DLNA, SAT To IP
– Support Unicable
– Support XML EPG
– Support Multi-CAS, USBWiFi, Ethernet,Full speed 3G usb dongle,GPRS dongle, PVR Ready
– Support WEB TV,IPTV,Youtube, etc
– Support Weather forecast,Google map,Jamendo,Yahoo news, Picture etc.
– Support Network Sharing,Twin Protocol
– 64M Serial Flash,1GB DDR3 memory


Technosat Ts 1500hd FTA

Features, reviews, pricing and specifications – Technosat has it all when it comes to the world of digital television. Read the features of this set below.

– RF Modulator
– Fully DVB-S & MPEG 2,MPEG 4,H.264 Compliant
– Multi language OSD
– Multi language audio reception
– Software upgrades via USB 2.0 interface &RS-232 serial port Standby with low power
– 480i/p,576i/p,720p_50Hz,720p_60Hz,1080i_25Hz,1080i_30Hz,1080i_60Hz,1080p with HDCP copy protection
– TV and radio programs
– Auto-separate list
– High speed searching program
– Support USB 2.0 PVR
– DiSEqC Control (DiSEqC 1.0,1.2,1.3(USUALS))
– Blind search function
– MPEG layer 1&2 ,MP3 and Dolby Digital audio decoding
– ISO7816X1(optional) Multicard

The next time you think of migrating to the digital world, and or switching to another provider, considering some of the providers listed above might be very helpful to you. Depending on where you are located and what your requirements are, you can always chose the best one whether in this list or not. Checking on the area coverage, the channel list, other supported services and etc is always recommended before you decide on what to buy. Good luck.

5 Best Free To Air / Digital Satellite Decoders / Receivers You Can Try Out In Uganda, India, Kenya, Tanzania, China

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