How to Become Amazon Affiliate Without Website

You don’t need to own a website in order to become an Amazon affiliate. Let me explain why and also show you how to.

This means that you are ready to start earning as an Amazon affiliate without owning a website just like many affiliates out there are doing. If you are wondering how possible this is, I will show you right away in this post.

Why become an Amazon affiliate?

Amazon is a global online shopping website with millions of products. Millions of people shop online from Amazon for different reasons including cheap products, high-quality products, express shipping services, discount sales, access to bestselling products, etc.

By becoming an Amazon affiliate, you are rewarded for all qualifying referral product sales as a result of your affiliate link. In brief, Amazon pays affiliates for purchases made by clients they refer. The more clients you refer, the high your chances of earning assuming they buy.

If you want to make unlimited money online from the comfort of your home even without your own website, an Amazon affiliate will allow you to achieve that dream for as long as you are committed.

Requirements for joining Amazon affiliate

  • A website where you will promote products
  • Supported bank account to receive affiliate earnings
  • All others as required by Amazon

But the question is, how to become an amazon affiliate without a website?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Comment
  • Forums
  • Etc


With a Facebook account, you are ready to tap into this booming business of Amazon affiliates. By sharing Amazon products on your Facebook groups, pages, and profile, you are prepared to earn every time a Facebook user clicks on the link and buys something on Amazon.


Similarly to Facebook above, you share Amazon products directly from the Amazon website using the stripe option. Your links are automatically tagged with your Amazon affiliate referral ID, meaning you earn when people follow your link and buy any qualifying product on Amazon, for example, you can share amazon prime Starz subscription links and earn even more.


Website commenting is one of the best ways to affiliate without your own website. The idea is simple – visit any related website content. Read and understand what the content is all about. If it is related to the product you want to share, write a good piece of information and link to the product on Amazon. You have successfully shared an affiliate link.


If you are good at searching for related forums, you can write an article or review about the product you want to promote. Many forums like Forumcoin will allow you to do that without removing your affiliate link. Once your post, thread, or article is approved, your link will be on.

You see, there are several ways you can become an Amazon affiliate and profit without having a website. For as long as you do it well, you will earn unlimited.

During Amazon affiliate sign up

Simply add your Forum profile link, Twitter profile URL, or even Facebook URL as your website. Amazon will accept that for as long as you sell something within the waiting period which is usually 90 days if not mistaken.

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