How To Make Money As A Be Forward Supporter [Referral Affiliate Program] affiliate program Did you know that you can make lots of free money as a supporter? Did you even know that joining beforward referral affiliate program can completely change your life within the shortest time? How about earning even when you are sleeping? True, you get paid up to 115 points for every referral you send. is one  leading seller and exporter of Japanese used cars worldwide. Using their service, buyers are able to search their dream vehicles from thousands of stock list containing different types eg Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Benz, Mitsubishi and etc. If you are in Uganda, Kampala, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Japan, Rwanda, Tanzania and any other country and want to make lots of cash, then joining might be your answer.

Becoming a Be forward supporter doesn’t require you pay anything since its completely free. And once you are on-board, you are ready to start earning for as long as you are determined and committed to doing so.

How Beforward supporter program works

Join beforward supporter

  • You join by clicking on signup link.
  • You get your supporter / referral link or BFS ID
  • Send it to interested buyers or friends (Facebook, email, twitter, blog post, etc).
  • When one joins under your ref link and buys, you earn.

Now that you have seen what it takes to become part of the program as seen above, it means that you will can do it instantly and become part. Remember, your affiliate link is unique and so to your BFS ID. Every time one makes a purchase on whatever is being sold on the site, you get points.

Earn even more

Freebie:- It's free and designed for you! Claim yours here now


You choose to place your link in individual posts eg cars you are promoting or even in spare parts or even link to the main homepage. The more referrals you attract, the higher your chances of earning more and unlimited free money.

Also you can access lots of marketing tools once you are logged in to your members dashboard. Hopeful this guide will help you make it. Over to you!!

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