How To Receive Zelle Money Transfers On Payoneer Account?

Zelle to Payoneer money transferAccording to Zelle money transfer faqs, both the receiver and sender’s bank account must be located in the United States in order for the 5 minutes money transfer transaction to be successful.

If you have been wondering whether it is possible or not to send and receive money from Zelle to Payoneer account, please continue reading. In this short review, I have shared some factual information which after carefully reading, you will find the answer to the above question.

What is Zelle?

Zelle money transfer service which eases the process of sending and receiving money easily to anyone with a US bank account. The service requires one to have either a US phone number, an email address or a Zelle app in order for the transaction to occur.

Zelle Vs Payoneer

While both Zelle and Payoneer serve the money transfer service, they have differences which makes them different. Payoneer is a Global payment service which allows people to get paid directly to their US bank accounts, with an option to do card-to-card transactions, ATM withdraws and etc.

On the other hand, Zelle allows fast, safe and easy way to send money and receive in minutes to friends, family and others you trust directly onto their US bank accounts (any).

The difference: Like you saw, Payoneer is a global payment portal while Zelle is a money transfer service limited to US banks only.

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Can you receive Zelle Money transfer to Payoneer?

Since Zelle transfers money to US bank accounts and which Payoneer offers, the right answer to this question would be “Yes”. Why? One issues US bank accounts while one transfers money on it. But fact is, I am also not sure if one can be in position to receive Zelle cash on Payoneer account.

Give the two a try:

However, I have already emailed the Payoneer support on the same and hopefully will share the information right here.

But in case you are well aware of the answer, please feel free to share it using the comment form below and I will be very glad to update this question with it.

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