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Land Title Forms Download Uganda

Land Title Transfer forms in Uganda just like it is in other countries, are mandatory for one is interested in transferring ownership of land from him or her self to another party which can be an individual, a company or any other entity. The land title transfer forms bear fields like the Block, area, plot, acres, location where the land is situated and others.

The same forms as per Uganda laws have to bear the names of the current proprietors, the amount which the buyer has paid in total (sum of), the names and signatures of both the transferer and the transferee in addition to names, addresses/contacts and signatures all witnesses who are present during the signing of the forms and sale of the land. Just like it is in all other countries, the land title in Uganda too is an official record of the one who owns the specified piece of land. The same document can also include information about mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements. Like you see below in the sample land title transfer forms, you need to fill all of the fields since they are mandatory.

Where to download the land Title Transfer Forms

The land title transfer forms for Uganda are available for download a number of links and are in PDF formats. You can search on any search engine and or simply try out these links below.


Sample Land Title Transfer Form in Uganda

The next time you think of buying land and wanting to do a transfer, just make sure that you do things the right way. You will need to get the forms and fill them since its required by law.

And please note: “All witnesses on the Land transfer form are required to: state their names clearly; provide their telephone contacts and e-mail address if available, in addition to the Postal address; and clearly state their qualification. In case of Civil Servants witnessing, one must be of the rank of (U5B) and above i.e. Graduate level, rank and; should state the Ministry/ Department/Agency where he/she works; In case of Private Surveyors they must be registered and licensed with Uganda Surveyors Registration Board; and In case of Advocates they must be licensed to practice law in any given year and should be on the roll of Advocates. LCs therefore do not witness on the Land transfer form, but may do so on your sales agreement.”

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