5 Best Affiliate Programs In Uganda

Joining the best affiliate program in Uganda is a dream come true for many. While lots of such programs do exist, not all of them work for affiliates who reside in countries like Uganda. The majority of such programs are meant to favor people who reside in countries where such networks originate from, which clearly indicates that chances of being rejected from joining, or even being kicked out after failing to meet certain requirements are many.

Many of those popular affiliate programs for example Amazon.com require real product hands-on testing for example when it comes to writing product reviews as it gives the reviewer chance to write about what exactly was found in a product than relying on the description, which can make the reader feel the need to buy such a product.

If are looking for ways how to make money online in Uganda doing referral business, below are the 5 best affiliate programs you might consider joining.

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#1. Jumia affiliate program

Jumia is one of the largest online stores in Uganda. From products, food, deals, parties, jobs and etc, Jumia affiliates earn up to 9% commission on a wide range of products including phones, computers, household properties, etc.

Once you become a member, you are able to promote all products listed not on Jumia Uganda but all of its sister sites including Algerie, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Maroc, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tunisia.

How Jumia affiliate program works

  • You join for free.
  • Find a product to promote.
  • Get promotion tools from dashboard (banner, text link, product feed)
  • Share product link on Blog, website or social media account.
  • Earn commission for any qualifying product/s.

Become a Jumia affiliate here

#2. Kilimall Affiliate program

If you are looking for an international well-established eCommerce website where you can make money, Kilimall is your other choice. Just like Jumia, Kilimall has a wide range of products you can promote and earn cash. The good of it is the approval time.

You apply today and have your affiliate account approved the same day or the next day thereby opening your earning opportunities. You are also able to promote products across all Kilimall sites including Uganda, Kenya, etc.

How Kilimall affiliate program works

  • You join for free.
  • Find a products to promote.
  • Get promotion tools once logged in.
  • Share product links on Blog, website or social media account.
  • Earn commission any successful product sold to those you refered.

Become a Kilimall affiliate here

#3. Dondolo Shop affiliate program

Dondola shop is an online shopping website that has a range of products in different categories. From phones, electronics, hardware, fashion, computers, home, and office products, mechanical parts and etc, both individuals, companies, etc are able to make quick purchases online right from anywhere.

As an affiliate, you are paid to promote products listed on Dondola Uganda thereby earning from sales made out of your links. You earn up to 2.5% commission from any qualifying sale and best of all, it is purely local.

Create a Dondola shop affiliate account here

#4. Garanntor Affiliate Program

For those who love domain and etc, Garanntor offers you an opportunity to promote their services while earning money. From domain name selling, hosting and etc, you are able to earn up to 25% commission every time a client buys a service on Garanntor as a result of your link completing their order.

Best of all, the Garanntor affiliate program is free to join. You are also allowed to share your promotional links on your website, blog, social accounts like Facebook, Twitter and etc.

Join Garanntor affiliate network here

#5. Amazon Affiliate program

Amazon is an affiliate program where members earn money by referring buyers to products. Once a buyer makes an order of a qualifying product, you are able to earn cash. While Amazon is a US-based company, Ugandans are able to earn money online off this site once they join just like they can from local online stores.

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How to earn as an Amazon affiliates from Uganda

  • Visit Amazon affiliate website and create an account free.
  • Write reviews about products in your niche and link to the same products.
  • Promote your content so it gets traffic in order for you to refer buyers.
  • Wait when buyers order and you will be paid commission.

How to recieve Amazon affiliate earnings in Uganda

  • Create a free Payoneer account.
  • Get your free US bank account.
  • Apply for a Payoneer mastercard.

Your earnings will be credited to your Payoneer US bank account, and you will be able to access (withdraw) your money using the Payoneer card, from any supported MasterCard ATM points including Stanbic bank, Equity bank and etc.

Join the Amazon affiliate program here.

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