Detailed Guide On How To Obtain A Driving License In India

types of driving licence in indiaThe procedure for obtaining driving license could be, as any other procedure for obtaining a government document, might seem cumbersome. Nonetheless, having an idea on how it works makes the application process way more convenient and easy. This article is a guide on how to obtain a driving license in India.

Detailed guide on how to obtain a driving license in India

I remember fantasising on driving our car through our city roads, as a kid. Nonetheless, sheer passion alone would not suffice and driving has to be done by individuals with the capability and basic knowledge on the same.  To facilitate safer and mature driving, the Motor Vehicles Act has stipulated legal age and essential allied qualifying factors for applicants wishing to procure a driving license. This has to go through a process of application, learner’s license test and the final driving test, which ideally happens right after ample learning practice.

What is a driving license? Why is it necessary?

A driving license is a document issued by the Government, bestowing the legal right to drive or operate a vehicle on public roads. This is issued by the Regional Transport Authority or Regional Transport Office for that particular state.Above all this, the driving license also acts as a valid proof of identity

The driving licenses are categorised based on the kind of vehicle each license applies to. Light Motor Vehicle, Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle and Heavy Goods Motor vehicle are few instances of the categories of licenses which could be applied for.

The motor vehicles act mandate the existence of a valid driving license to be able to drive legally. The recently revamped laws on penalties for traffic violations have enhanced the minimum fine for driving without license from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000. There is no scope for doubt as to the why does one necessarily require a driver’s license.

Eligibility for Driving License

The eligibility criterion is mostly understood as age of eighteen, which is seen as the age for driving license in India. Nonetheless, you can obtain license before the age of 18 for Motorcycles without gear (with a capacity of up to 50 cc). For vehicles excluding this category, the eligibility criterion is age of 18 years. The applicant should have completed 8th standard above this basic criteria for commercial heavy vehicles and transport vehicles.

How to apply offline?

The offline mode applications could be made at the nearest RTO. You need to fill Form-1 for the Learners license and Form-4 for permanent license. Further, these filled up forms have to be filed at the Office, along with the required documents. The learner’s license test follows, which happens at the RT Office. Post clearing the learner’s license test, the final driving test could be taken on the given date and time. If you clear the driving test and the road test, the authorised personnel record the same and the driving license shall reach your address.

Applying online

Online application process has now been facilitated vide an online portal – Sarathi ( Select Services and click on “New Driving License” option. You can schedule your appointment for the learner’s license test and take the test accordingly. Here, it is pertinent to note that real time verification of relevant documents is impossible owing to the online nature of application. Hence, the applicant has to bring the relevant documents on the day. The relevant personal details could be filled up in this form, which appears once you click on new driving registration. You could check out videos of this sort explaining the same.

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driving licence online form

Documents Required

The major documents required for application are age proof and address proof. The address proof is done by two kinds of proofs – one establishing permanent address and the other serving as the current proof of address. This has to be filed alongside filled up application form, passport size photos, medical certificate and application fee. The medical certificate mostly means a recent certificate from an eye doctor.

How long will it take for the license to get issued?

Once the learner’s license is issued, the person can legally drive for the validity period of six months. Further, as the applicant passes the driving test, a receipt will be handed to him/her, which would act as the driving license till the driving license is sent via speed post. The validity of the driving license would extend to the dates as mentioned under the driver’s license.

Validity and Renewal of a driving license

A driving license expires 20 years after the driving license is being awarded. The specific date of expiry has to be checked on the driving license. Before the exact expiry date, one could start off with the process of getting the license renewed. The offline process involves collecting the relevant forms, filling them and filing them at the RTO. Such an application shall be entertained not more than a month ahead of the expiry of the said license. This has to be filed with the fees required.


What are the questions an applicant could expect at a qualifying test for learner’s license?

Learner’s license test features MCQs on topics such as road rules, traffic signals and so on, which tests the applicant’s aptitude to understand and recollect the applicable rules and signals along the road. This facilitates safe driving, which is essential.

How long is a learner’s license valid for?

Right after the learner’s license test, the learner’s license will be approved and handed over to the applicant. The said license is valid till a period of six months.

What if I fail the driving test?

If you fail the driving test, another date for a retest will be assigned, where you could successfully get through and procure your license.

How do I find my dates for the driving test?

The dates for the driving test will be given on the learner’s license, as they approve the same once you pass the learner’s license test.

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