! The New Afro Centric Social Network Website! The New Afro Centric Social Network Website A few months back, a friend sent me an email message about DotAfro, where he introduced the site to me as a new Afro centric social networking site just like the many others which exist on the internet to-date. In his message, he indicated that on this website,, censuring was considered a thing of the past and that members were free to talk, write and share without worrying of being banned or censured, an activity which is very common with many of the current social sites.

With slogan “Free speech is not a privilege”, I quickly opened the link and waited for the page to load and being honest, what exactly he shared was what exactly I saw when I checked on this social site. Being honest, this was the first time I had heard about this social site and I was very amazed to discover that besides Facebook and others, new sites were coming up.

On DotAfro website, members have the opportunity to post voice based status updates, text updates, dislike button and many others features like picture updates and etc. Taking a look at the different features for example the Voice status update, one is able to tell that this site is a bit different from those we had known for sometime foe example Facebook.

Becoming a member of DotAfro social networking site requires one to undergo the registration process just like it happens with other sites and part of the requirements include but not limited to a working email address since you will be required to click on the verification link to confirm registration. Others include names, photo, residence country and etc.

To create a new user account on DotAfro social networking site, you simply need to visit, click on signup, fill in all required details including preferred username, your email and etc. You will be sent with a verification link and which you should click on to confirm and head to the next page where you will enter personal details including name and etc.

Benefits of joining DotAfro social network site

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– Connect with people
– Make new friends
– Share your memories
– Create new relations
– Discover new places

One thing I haven’t been able to complete is downloading DotAfro APP (APK) and installing it on my smartphone. The APK download link which is accessed when logged in and available on their Facebook fan page is So far, I can see host error with cloudflare and many be soon this will be rectified.

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