Lenoge Replacement Batteries/Adapters For HP And Compaq Reviewed

Lenoge Replacement Batteries/Adapters For HP And Compaq Reviewed Yes, I have reviewed the different Lenoge® replacement batteries and adapters for the different laptops including the HP and Compaq computers. Whether you own any of the below brands and models including what you will see below, you may have reached the right one for your needs, lets find out.

Lenoge® Brand New Replacement Laptop Battery for HP/Compaq

“Pavilion DV5-1000 / DV5-1000US / DV5-1001AX / DV5-1001AU / DV5-1001TX / DV5-1002 / DV5-1002AX / DV5-1002NR / DV5-1002TX / DV5-1004NR / DV5-1004TX / DV5-1010 / DV5-1020 / DV5-1030 / DV5-1100 / DV5-1125NR / DV5T-1000 / DV5Z-1000. Compaq-Presario CQ40 / CQ41 / CQ45 / CQ50 / CQ50-100 / CQ60 / CQ60-200 / CQ60-204TU / CQ60-208TX / CQ60-211DX / CQ60-300 / CQ60-400 / CQ60-615DX / CQ61 / CQ61-100 / CQ70-101TX / CQ70-102TU / CQ70-105EF / CQ70-111CA / CQ71-100 / CQ71-200.

Compatible part numbers include; 484170-001 / 462889-121 / 462889-141 / 462889-421 / 485041-001 / 485041-003 / 497694-001 / 498482-001 / 513775-001 / EV06055 / HSTNN-Q34C / HSTNN-C51C / HSTNN-IB73 / HSTNN-LB73 / HSTNN-UB73 / HSTNN-IB79 / HSTNN-LB79 / KS524AA / KS527AA / NH493AA,” this may be one of your choice. The Lenoge [walmart search laptop batteries] Features include the following below..

– “Battery type: Li-ion; Capacity: 5200mAh; Cells: 6-cell; Voltage: 10.8V.
– Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability
– 100% New from Pro-Manufacturer
– CE-/FCC-/RoHS-certified for safety”

My Review – A friend of mine owns a CQ71-200 Compaq. When his battery started misbehaving, he was advised to search and buy a Lenoge Replacement Battery Brand and which he did. When he compared his old and the new battery performances, the Lenoge-one did a good Job. I have witnessed it myself and all I can say is that they work. I am not sure whether it was just luck or but truth be said.

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