How to make / Process Court order / Swear affidavit in Uganda

Court order and affidavit A court order is where the courts of law gives authority for one to do a transaction (anything) on behalf of another for example in cases of ones absence. On the other hand, an making an affidavit is when one swears to the truth for example when swearing that you bought the vehicle and you are the current legal owner or even swear on something else with proof.

In Uganda and during the absentee motor vehicle transfer process as our example, part of the requirements for the smooth running of the process as required by Uganda Revenue Authority is attaching a court order and an affidavit on the application forms one submits. The court order gives URA instructions to transfer the said vehicle into the names of the one who processed the order and swore an affidavit in addition to availing all other requirements.

If you have been wondering what it entails and what is required in order for you to process a court order, this article is what you must read as it entails all steps and requirements.

Requirements for Absentee transfer court order and affidavit in Uganda

  • News advert calling for transfer and at least 14 days old.
  • Proof of vehicle ownership eg original registration logbook or police report with news advert.
  • Identification documents eg copies of national identity card
  • Signed transfer forms
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How to make / process a court order / affidavit in Uganda

  1. Begin by advertising a call for transfer advert in the newspapers. Also advertise for the loss of logbook if the original is not available and too report the same to the nearest police station.
  2. After 14 days (2 full weeks), go to the recommended court (you can inquire from URA) eg Nakawa and start on the process.
  3. You will be requested to submit all other documents including original news advert calling for transfer and at least 14 days old, proof of vehicle ownership eg original registration logbook or police report with news advert, identification documents eg copies of national identity card, signed transfer forms
  4. You will swear an affidavit and too log in your order.

Once the court order / affidavit has been processed and given to you, you should go and pay stamp duty before attaching it with all other documents you are supposed to submit.

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