Motor Vehicle Change Of Ownership In Zambia

An individual or non-individual is considered the rightful owner of a motor vehicle in Zambia only if the vehicle registration certificate aka the white book particulars bears the exact names of that person. Since many people tend to buy vehicles from others, performing a change of ownership aka motor transfer is a step required in order to become the legitimate owner.

Like it happens in many other countries like Uganda with URA, change of ownership is handled by the Road Transport and Safety Agency of Zambia, upon providing all required documents from the current owner and that of the buyer aka transferee.

If you’ve been wondering how you could be able to gain rightful ownership of a motor vehicle, motorcycle, and all other related motors, this guide takes you right from what you need (requirements), to how exactly you are supposed to do it.

Requirements for changing motor vehicle ownership

  • Original sales (offer) letter
  • Identification documents of both seller and buyer
  • Original vehicle registration certificate (white logbook)
  • Tax clearance certificate obtained from Zambia Revenue Authority
  • Vehicle examination report obtained from RTSA
  • Police clearance report
  • Vehicle ownership change application forms

The Vehicle change of ownership process

  • Contact the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) office
  • Submit all of the above requirements
  • Wait for the transfer to be approved within 5 to 14 working days.

Why should you perform a transfer?

Like I mentioned above, completing the above process makes you the legitimate owner. Additionally, it becomes easy for relevant authorities to contact you in case there is a need. And for those who want to use their vehicles as collateral security when obtaining a loan, yes, ownership is mandatory.


Unlike other services which are sometimes free, there are RTSA vehicle registration fees and other taxes that are associated, and which must be paid. Once everything is confirmed, the application will be approved. The entire process is very simple and easy if you are determined.

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