RingSpin Reviews 2019! Is Legit or Scam? How it works

RingSpin App Reviews This is a review of RingSpin 2019, an app where members earn by playing the Spin Game!. If you have been wondering what is all about with this android Lifestyle application offered by RingSpin Game, whether it is a scam or a legitimate way ti earn an extra buck using your mobile, how it works and how you can earn from it, this review is all you need. In below you will get to know everything i detail with regard to this RingSpin – Play & Earn Money.

Ring Spin is a smartphone app which “claims” to be a free spin and win type game, where you select any one color and tap the spin wheel to earn money and try your luck. I know you are already wondering how possible can it be to spin freely and earn real money not so? The answer is simple. Ring Spin operates on the spin and win gaming platform and what you win is what you earn period.

On RingSpin application, you spin and win money as simple as that. In the process, you are likely to watch some adverts and which I am sure is the basis where money you get paid comes from. Remember one old site (gone now) Ro2 Biz which paid members to chat? Here you spin and earn free money..

The more times you Spin the game the more your chances of making money. RingSpin “claims” to be a genuine make money alternative unlike other similar providers (apps) which will never fulfill what they claim. This app requires OS 4.1 and above and members sign up using their Facebook account in order to start using spin wheel and earn money…

Ring Spin app is free download from Google Play store and other participating sites and installable on all supported devices. After downloading and installing, you sign up for free using Facebook accounts. All MONEY is real and it is written that you withdraw money through your PAYPAL or PAYZA account.

RingSpin app site ratings

RingSpin App Ratings

Is RingSpin app scam or legit? I did download this application from Google Play store free of charge. I installed it in my mobile already since it was compatible and already begun spinning. Hopeful very soon, I will be able to request cashout and see if they pay me through PayPal.

Being honest, I can’t jump and conclude right away since I am still waiting for proof. Either way, whether RingSpin turns out to be legit or scam, I will share my findings right here..

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3 Responses

  1. donnie says:

    I cashed out on March 21st 2018 an to this day I still haven’t been paid an I redeemed for 23.45 I have emailed them several times an no response I
    So I believe its a fake app

  2. Raveendranath says:

    I just requested cashout waiting for something happens.. follow me..

  3. Anuj Singh says:

    Thank for this review but I think they are Scamming peoples..

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