Why Choose A Supermicro Rack Server System?

The wide range of barebones superservers available can be configured to create customized systems that can address any number of demands. When settling on a solution for your servers, whether you’re running an in-office network or a major web-hosting operation, you’re talking about a major business investment.

The decision is just as important as the location of your office, it’s just as important as the car you choose to drive, or what home you buy. Even a small server system can wind up costing you big if you find yourself footing the bill for constant replacements. So we’re talking about commitment, and we’re talking a decision that you want to make very carefully.

You will want to weigh the decision on your own, consider what you really need from your system and what option will work best for you. Take the information here, compare and contrast, and make the best decision available. With that in mind, here are the advantages that Super micro Rack Servers offer.

Flexibility – Lego brand building blocks come in pre-designed sets so that you can build the Millennium Falcon or the house from The Simpsons or what have you, and they come in generic boxes of bricks. If you were a creative child, the generic bricks were the best thing to unwrap on Christmas morning. The simplicity meant that anything was possible. Supermicro’s “barebones” are sort of like that. The wide range of barebones super servers that are available can be configured to create customized systems that can address any number of demands. You tell Super micro what you need, and they’ll set you up with the parts necessary to build it.

Energy Efficiency – Super micro is an industry leader in energy efficiency. Let’s forget going green for a minute and just consider the purely pragmatic fact that a typical server system takes a lot of power to run. You might as well not spend any more money than you absolutely have to in order to get the job done.

Easy Building – Simply put: rack to rack design makes it easy to make the most of the building-block solution that Super micro’s barebones’ components make possible. The rack to rack design allows you to organize the servers as needed with a little know-how and very little effort.

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One of the main issues that some people have with rack to rack solutions is that the cables can get a little unwieldy. If you hate dealing with cables so much that this is a deal breaker for you then you may want to look elsewhere for a server system (and you may want to get out of the tech industry altogether), but if you think you can swing it, there are plenty of cable management techniques that can make this part of the job just as effortless as piecing the system together in the first place. Some zip ties, electrical tape, and stickers to label your cables should be more than enough to keep your cables detangled and out of the way.

Cable management is not only great for saving you the mess but will also save you time when you need to access things and is safer for work environments.

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