Reviews – Is Legitimate or Scam?

AdMediaKing Reviews Are you a publisher searching for that service which can help you boost your earnings up to 200%? This is what “claims” to offer, in addition to helping you “enjoy the industry’s leading eCPM for your inventory”. In this review, I share with you some of a few you might have otherwise been looking out for about the same. I just hope that you go through this all and be able to make a choice when it comes to your publishing needs.

According to whois data, the service’s domain name was first registered way back on 2013-09-16, which makes it having been in operation for more than 3 years as of this data of publication. is a banner advertising and remarketing network which “claims” to offer “highly profitable revenue stream for its publishers’ while at the same time ensuring that get the ad placement power. Lets look at the what they offer. claimed features

  • Free to join and create an account
  • $25 minimum Payment threshold
  • Up to 200% earnings boost
  • Multiple payment options including PayPal, Check and Bank Wire
  • Multiple ad formats supported
  • Up to 100% ad fill rate
  • Has an affiliate program of 5% commission when you refer
  • Monthly payments

What I like about

Being honest, I admit that I like everything as seen above. The affiliate program feature is very awesome. Unlike other services which will simply want you link to them without paying you a single cent, here things are different. You earn up to 5% referral commission. It means that if you can refer, then you earn much. The other thing is about the minimum payment threshold of $25, which is pretty low compared with other services, and imagine paid through PayPal and other options.

What I dislike about

Freebie:- It's free and designed for you! Claim yours here now

They don’t allow just any website. They have a policy on sites which are allowed for example, adult related sites are not. This means that those having such sites which fall in the restricted categories are left out. Additionally, the Faqs page contains less information which is not sufficient assuming one needs to know more. But good, there is a contact page.

Is scam or legitimate?

Think of someone saying ABC about you without proof and what others or even you can think. Personally, I prefer reaching judgements upon proof. I have signed up an account and started using the service. One thing remaining is to confirm all of the “claims” and prove them. This will help me share with you lastly and here on my final findings on whether AdMediaKing is legitimate or scam.

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